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Businesses in Panama, but with emphasis on David, Chiriqui.

Chiriquí Chatter Referrals

I have made a few referrals in the past and thought it might be good to post the current preferred providers that I have used for years and with whom I have a great deal of trust.

It is always hard to find individuals that are worthy of referral. However, I feel comfortable with the ones I am going to list.

Lawyer – Juan Antonio Candanedo

The other day Lilliam and I were going to our personal lawyer and while I was waiting a good friend appeared who was using our lawyer to get his pensionado card. I really didn’t know our lawyer provided that service, but so many come to Chiriqui and want to apply for a card, it is good to know there is an outstanding lawyer at a reasonable price.

He speaks good english is very honest. His office number is 775-2971. He is my lawyer of choice on all matters. If you contact him, tell him you learned about him from Chiriquí Chatter.

Insurance – Brigette Saldaña Continue reading Chiriquí Chatter Referrals

G&B Import/Export, S.A.

I received a request to post the following. For all things of this nature it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence.

We have opened a new household door to door shipping service from the USA and Canada to Chiriqui and also services returning to the USA or Canada. We have offices in the US and Panama and have over 50 years experience with ocean freight shipping, customs clearance and logistics.
We are also contemplating a monthly shared container service with distribution warehouse in Chiriqui and welcome input for those of you who would be interested in this.

G&B Import/Export, S.A.
507-6900-0764 (Panama) (whatsapp)
843-603-1020 (USA)

Porcelena China – David

A Chiriquí Chatter reader sent me the following. I will try to drop by in the future, but you may be interested before I get around to it.

We found a new shop in town and thought we would let you know about it as you don´t seem to be running about as much as you used to. None of us is as spry as we once were. It´s a Chinese Porcelain shop and the merchandise is just beautiful. Ray took a picture of the outside of the shop.

Its located off the Super99/Public Market/Romero road. Go to the Mitsubishi Dealer, turn left and it´s a block and a half on the right. This is what we bought, with Stella helping to show it off.


Hope you go to visit in person, it´s worth an outing.

FUERTEC Security Screens – David

I have meant to post this for some time. Better late than never.

There is a new physical security company in town. If you don’t want to go with bars on the windows, consider security screens.

I visited with Cove Cook who owns Fuertec Security Screens in David. His product is very impressive. He told me that his security screens are more intrusion proof than iron bars and attractive to boot.

He showed me a door in his factory that he said he invited potential customers to test. He said he had it on display for over two years and no one has been able to get through it yet. Following is a YouTube video showing its manufacturing process and durability.

KAWI Trampoline Park & Coffee

Another post I have been delinquent on getting posted.

Kawi Trampoline Park & Coffee is in Chiriquí Center along with the BMW dealer, Renault dealer, July Sports, Verona Pizza and other businesses.

We stopped in one day, following a lunch at Verona’s Pizza, so I could take some photos. Lilliam said it would be a big hit with her grandson Lucca on his next visit.

If you have some kiddos that need to celebrate a birthday and add a little extra bounce in their day, why not give it a try.

If you stop in to Kawi, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

La Riviera Salon

I intended to get this posted one haircut ago. I finally found where Yani had moved to and went to get my haircut done. The post fell in my to be posted file and here I am almost ready to get another haircut.

I need to get this posted or I won’t be able to show my face in the new shop.

Yani has moved to La Riviera Salon. The salon is run and owned by Victor Cecchin.

The salon is located in Plaza La Riviera which is on the road going to Las Olas. There has been several new businesses that have opened in that area including a large Romero’s supermarket and Cochez.

The salon is at the far end of the plaza.

I have been getting my haircut by Yani for over 10 years. I have never seen yani without a smile and always look forward to seeing her.

If you happen to be in the area of Plaza Riveria, drop in and tell Victor and Yani that you found them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Renault in David

Yesterday, I stopped by the new Renault dealer in David. It is in the Chiriquí Center close to Verona Pizza.

I was especially impressed with the KOLEOS model. It and the DUSTER look like they will give other SUVs in the city competition. I liked the KOLEOS better than Lilliam’s Honda CRV. If I were in the SUV market, the Renault would be on my list to consider.

If you stop in to Renault of David, tell Janice that you heard about this dealership on Chiriquí Chatter.

MStore Anniversary in David

I received the following that will be of interest to Apple users.

Hi Don, we cant believe it has been a year since we open MStore in Plaza Terronal !!! You and your readers are invited to celebrate with us this Thursday the 19th starting at 6 pm with the good vibes of DJ Kutto. Prices and special sales thru Saturday 21st.

If you have a group interest in our Training sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me, we can do Friday morning in english.

Hope to see you there.

Best regards,

Rogelio E. Chiari Brin
Grupo Mac Store
Tel. +507-305-5750