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TV English Caption Question

I received the following email question and have no answer. Anyone have a suggestion?

From……: Maurice

I am deaf US citizen, living in Alto Boquete.

I require captioning in my TV programming or else I can’t watch TV due to my inability to follow the spoken content….

The Spanish to English option for subtitles does NOT work in my TV options directory.

Cable Onda is my provider and they have been unhelpful.

I was very upset when ABC, CBS and NBC networks dropped their programming to Panama and only CNN is left that has English captioning.

I know that most of US episodes have moved to other channels, but there is NO English captioning available in these channels (MGM, AXN, Sony, WB, TNT and the like). Sometimes there is captioning, but they are in Spanish!!!

I think this is extremely unfair to persons with hearing handicap like me….

I sent email to to protest and it came back “undelivered”, so I’m blocked out, I guess…

So, what are my options???? Isn’t Panama antagonistic to the deaf community????

Reader Question & Observation

From……: Maurice

Can anyone identify this white flower?? I have a pink one growing in my flower bed.


I live in Alto Boquete. I am getting terrible internet reception. I just paid extra for 3G speed and am not getting it. It’s down and unresponsive 50% of the time. My service comes from Cable Onda. I intend to invest in the stock market (penny stocks) and with the internet being intermittent, I could lose money due to being unable to establish timely stops…

Real Estate Consumer Protection Laws in Panama

Hi Don,

I received a 3 page scan excerpt from a recent article in “The Visitor”. I reformatted it to be more blog friendly and am sending it to you in the hope that it will be of benefit to your readers who are potential or present property buyers.

I have no information at the moment good or bad re: Panama Offshore Legal Services who wrote the article. Maybe some of your readers have had experience dealing with them?

Anyways, looks good on paper at least, buyers appear to be well protected. Of course that all depends if the law really has teeth and on the quality of your lawyer.

Warmest regards,


29- JULY 22 – 27, 2011

The Visitor: El Panama’s weekly newspaper

Special Features


Consumer protection in Panama

By: Staff at Panama Offshore Legal Services / E-Mail: info@pos-inc.comll Phone (507) 227-6645

Panama is protecting consumer rights in order to bolster foreign investment through laws, principally surrounding real estate purchases, but also including other goods and services. Law 45 of 2007 (known as The Consumer Protection Law) prohibits clauses in contracts allowing excessive delays or limiting the rights of consumers in real estate transactions. If the delivery of services or goods takes too long, purchasers have the right to end the contract without penalties.

This law also prohibits contracts calling for penalties such as loss of down payments or installments if the contract is cancelled through no fault by the purchaser. And sellers no longer have the sole right to cancel the contract. This law also eliminates the cancellation of contracts by developers wishing to resell for greater profits.

Abusive clause protection

Continue reading Real Estate Consumer Protection Laws in Panama

Dream Falls

I received a request to post the following:


Recently opened in the City of David, Dream Falls, a new store specialized in mattresses and accessories for the good sleeping. You will find the entire line of mattresses Simmons, even the exclusived Beautyrest and Spa. Dream Falls brings a modern and stylish showroom where you can use all your senses and test the entire range of textures, colors and firmness in all its products.

During the month of August, we will have discounts of 10% to 35% on mattresses. Dream Falls is located on the 2nd st. west, between F and G st. north – Doleguita, next to the Dr. Halphen’s clinic, tel. 730-7641/42.

Reaching Out To Cuesta del Sol Phase III Owners

I received the following request, from a Chiriquí Chatter reader, asking for information.

Hi Don,
Hope all is well with you. Looks like our dream of a condo in David has suffered a severe setup back L We have been waiting for over 18 months and nothing has happened re: the construction of our condo. Would you mind posting the following message to see if other owners would like to compare notes.
Thanks Don,
John Levasseur
Subject: Reaching Out To Cuesta del Sol Phase III Owners
If anyone has given a deposit to reserve a future condo in the Cuesta del Sol Phase III project we would like to compare notes. It’s been over 18 months for us and nothing has happened, perhaps your timeline is different? We have requested a refund in accordance with the Purchase Agreement.
Please contact us
John & Olga Levasseur


I received the following email request for posting.

Hi Don,

We are just starting the process of putting our home for sale, and I was wondering if you would consider posting the flyer I have attached? Our home is FSBO.

I don’t know if the format is something that will work, as I prepared it as a one page flyer for distribution locally.

If you can post the info on our home, we would be most grateful.

As a long time and faithful reader of your blog, I want to express my gratitude for what is surely a tremendous amount of work, and of benefit to the entire community.

Thanks again Don,

Thomas Stephens,

Visit the following website for details.

Looking for Work

I received a request to post the following:

You have a parent or other relative who needs care? Do you look for a full time or night nurse experienced in elderly care? Or do you look for a simple caregiver, maybe a day care companion. Call me I am the person that you looking for…

I am a multitask person, I perform a good personal care, social, and business services for people who are elderly, disabled, or recovering from illness. Also I know how to drive so I will be able to go with you to social events, such as dinners and parties or just shopping; also plan trips and outings for them as well as travel with you. I do some business affairs, which include writing letters, paying bills, doctor appointments, and going to the bank.

Also I have a good computer knowledge, Cooking experience (standard American Food), simple monitoring for medication, light housekeeping, and help with exercise. Non smoker, no kids, honest and reliable person compassionate and understanding of the elder’s needs. If you have a business or planning to have a business and you need a personal assistant, admin, or manager please think about it and call me.

I am interested in having night shifts if that is possible. Call me or email me if you have any questions or are interested in me. and my cell is 6627-6021

A Chiriquí Chatter Reader’s Experience with Med-Serve

I received the following with a request to post. The following is the author’s experience. I have no experience or opinion about Med-Serve. I don’t know if this experience is the norm or an exception.

From……: David

I’m so angry I could spit nails!!! Where do I even start??????????

Back in Oct. 2008 I started having a back problem and my legs didn’t support me. I could barley walk. So I went to Chiriqui hospital and saw Dr. Emir Perez who I consider to be a great doctor. He felt that I had a pinched nerve or even worse, that it could be cut. If it got worse then I would be paralyzed from the waist down. I of course ask for second opinions and he was happy to set up appointments with other doctors. He told me I should have back surgery because if I happened to step off the curb wrong it could cut the nerve in half and them I”m toast.

He had several test scheduled, one was with another doctor at the same hospital using some kind of electronic equipment. That test also showed nerve damage between L4 and L5 just like Dr. Perez said. Then the two doctors spoke and ordered a CAT Scan which confirmed what they thought, a pinched nerve between L4 and L5. Continue reading A Chiriquí Chatter Reader’s Experience with Med-Serve

Potrerillos Public Service Announcement

I received the following for posting:

Potrerillos has no crimes to report however we now have some exciting new Public Safety resources to rely on.

For those who may not know our community now has a new Ambulance Service called “911”. This new service is a fully US outfitted fully stocked Ambulance manufactured in North America with most every piece of up to date emergency medical equipment that a modern Ambulance would need. This new service is located at the Fire Station in Dolega (Zone-3) located past the National Palace Municipal Building in Dolega 3-1/2 blocks South on the left side. (GPS: 8* 33’ 49.31” N and 82* 24’ 53.40” W)

This new EMS Service consists of 11 fully trained and certified Paramedics who manage the 8 hour rotating shifts of 2 Paramedic technicians on each shift. Their area of responsible includes the district of Dolega and Potrerillos. According to the Station Captain, Captain Martin Madrid (Cell Phone 6212-8143) this new EMS Service will be relocating to their own facility not far from their present location. He also advised that if you need the 911 ambulance you can call “911” (Spanish only) however this telephone number is actually received in Panama City and then the caller/requester “MUST” identify the location where the responders are needed and then they (the dispatchers) call that location and dispatch the appropriate Emergency Responders (Police, Fire, EMS). He also added that if it’s a local caller (from Dolega, Potrerillos, Boquete, ect,) then they can also call the Dolega Fire Station directly and dispatch the EMS unit that way.

You can contact the Dolega Fire Station and the new “911 EMS Service” at 776-0020 or 776-1445

Additional information about this new 911 Service: Continue reading Potrerillos Public Service Announcement