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Urgent Need For O Negative Blood

I received a request to post the following:

Dear Don Ray,

I met you at the US Consul affair in David last Wednesday. I never dreamed I would be asking if you can help me.

My situation is this. I have been ill fo several months now. I have gradually, slowly, been improving. Wednesday after the Consul meeting I went to the lab to have my blood checked. Something I do every 2 weeks. While at the lab I collapsed. My test showed my hemoglobin had dropped to 7.1. In a healthy person the hemoglobin is 15. The low hemoglobin count is a sign of internal bleeding. I went to Mae Lewis Hospital and saw Dr. L Harris.

The Dr. ordered a blood transfusion of 2 units plus extra injection of iron. The only problem here is I have blood type O negative – a rare blood type. I can not receive blood donated by any other type. It has to be O negative. The Boquete Hospice Organization found only one person who could donate. We went to the Regional Hospital on Friday morning for the donor/recepient process. Dr. Harris said one unit was better than none, BUT I still need the second, possibly a third unit of blood.

Could you put out a request in Gringos of David and on your Chiriqui Chatter blog asking for donors. If anyone is willing I would gladly meet them at the Regional Hospital, David. The blood bank is on the second floor, just to the right as you exit the elevator.

I can be reached at this email address or by cell 6720-0005.

Thank you.

Diane Fessenden


I received a request to post the following.

Hello Don:
My son Todd is moving to the U.S. the 1st of February. Could you please post this notice on Chiriqui Chatter:

This storage shed was manufactured by a USA company named Lifetime. This shed is the best quality in sheds. This model sells in the US for $1500.00.
The shed is 8’x10′ with and has 2 skylights and 3 windows. It is UV and mold resistant. The shed is two tone and is earth tone brown and almond.
The shed was only used for only 4 months then was dismantled for the move to David 00t0t_blskJQ6h8fJ_600x450from Boquete. The shed is practically brand new. Seller will assist Buyer in the placement and assembly of the shed at no additional cost. Buyer is to move dismanteled shed to his/her location and have site ready for installation.
Asking $1000.


I received a request to post the following.

El Informe, Chiriqui’s only weekly newspaper announced a set of sweeping changes for their readership and advertisers.

Several new staff members have been added including part time personnel from the English speaking community. Advertising rates have been reduced, and selected news stories will be translated into English. In addition, a COMMUNITY CALENDAR will become an integral part of each edition. El Informe seeks to expand their readership into the English speaking community. They are soliciting contributors, announcements of coming events, and have initiated a new class of advertising, CLASSIFIED DISPLAY. These ads are tailored to the individuals that wish to advertise items like vehicles, real estate, boats, or other personal property items. Black and White photo ads start at $30.

According to an unnamed El Informe spokesperson, “We’re going to see some sweeping changes in the attitude of this newspaper. This is a Chiriqui enterprise; owned, staffed, and operated by residents of Chiriqui. We are focusing on Chiriqui advertisers and Chiriqui readers. A discount will be given to Chiriqui businesses. The English speaking community contributes a great deal of revenue to Chiriqui. It’s time we honor this community and include a section for them.”

The spokesperson also suggested that community service and charitable organizations will have sponsors so they may be able to announce their upcoming events. “This is the perfect platform for anyone wanting to sell something or promote an event.” It’s been estimated that the 25,000 copies distributed each week are read by 150,000 people. In addition, there is the on-line issue each week. Thousands of readers from all over the world read El Informe on-line. “El Informe is not garbage the day after it’s published. Households keep this newspaper around for at least a week. Shelf life is very important to advertisers.”

For those interested in placing announcements in the COMMUNITY CALENDER, contributing or advertising, simply e-mail Mister Robert,   


I received the following information from the Boquete Hospice.



  • This is not a request that you to donate blood now or on a regular basis.
  • Occasionally blood donations are needed for persons who need blood on hand for surgery or in case of accident.
  • Rarer blood types are hard to find, and it is especially important that you register if you have a rare blood type.
  • The registry is confidential.  You may read more details at  Qualifications for donors are listed on this page.  Please read them and then call to register your blood type.  You may later need to be either a recipient or a donor.
  • We have about 100 persons currently registered and need to significantly increase this number so that we have sufficient numbers of potential donors and a sufficient variety of types.
  • Please call Mary Lynah (6533-0967) and provide your name, telephone number, age, blood type, any medications you use and any medical conditions you have.  The age limit for donation is 65.
  • Neither Hospital Chiriqui nor Hospital Mae Lewis have blood banks.  If you go in for surgery, you may be asked, with very short notice, to provide two pints of blood of your type.  At such a time our registry could be very important to you or someone you care about.
  • Please ask friends if they have seen this notice, and, if not, share it with them.

Thank you.

Note:  Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation meets monthly at BCP.  All are welcome to attend.

Reader Request

Today I received the following email. If you can shed some light on this request I will pass it along to the reader.

Don Ray: Encontre su nombre en Chiriqui Chatter, encontre cosas muy
interesantes y ahora le pido un favor, necesito encontrar a una persona que debe
vivir en David, pero hace 40 aniversarios que no se de ella; debe tener unos 60 y espero que todavia viva.

Don Ray: I found your name in Chiriqui Chatter, I did find many interesting things there, and now I like to ask you a favor, I need to find a person who should be living in David, but it has been 40 years that I don’t know about her, she is about 60 years old and I hope she is still alive and well.

Her name is Marina Delgado; she is from Puerto Armuelles and her father was Cristobal Delgado.

My name is Antonio Villanueva and I live in the U.S.A.

Don Ray, thanks for all the help that you can give me, please let me know!

Warm regards!

Plethora of Positive Progress in Potrerillos

I received the following for posting.

This posting is a little on the late side, please forgive me — busy week — but I wanted to post something really positive and great about things that are happening in Potrerillos.

A week ago (Thursday, 9th August), late afternoon, Sgt Serrano and Lt Castillo of the Dolega Police Department (Policia Nacional) stopped by our home to tell us about, and to invite us to attend an event to be held the following morning at the small police sub-station at the intersection of the road to Potrerillos Arriba and Potrerillos Abajo (Abajo road now also known as The Ruta Sur).  While speaking with Sgt Serrano and Lt Castillo, Miriam de Sagel called me to tell me about the event and to ask me to attend. Continue reading Plethora of Positive Progress in Potrerillos

Reader Request

I received a request to post the following notice. As with all posts of this nature, it is the responsibility of anyone interested in such a venture to do their own due diligence. This should not be assumed to be an endorsement by Chiriqui Chatter.

Hello Don

I’m David, the former Restaurate Renegade. I was looking for some former customers of the restaurants on the Chiriquichatter, to propose a business, but can not find the phone book with some of them.

I need to invest $ 20,000.00 (40%) in society Fuerza Oceanica, SA, regardless of one person (1 member), or multiple parts (multiplepartners), minimum $ 2,000.00 (4%)

Offered “very high” benefits, and ability to work (working partners),

Interested can contact me for details.

David Recort
Phone: +507 6041-1164



Hola Don


Soy David, del antiguo Restaurate Renegado. Estaba buscando algunos antiguos clientes del restaurante a traves de Chiriquichatter, para proponerles un negocio, pero no encuentro la agenda con los teléfonos de algunos de ellos.


Necesito invertir $20.000,00 (40%) en la sociedad Fuerza Oceánica, S.A., no importa de una sola persona (1 socio); o varias partes (varios socios), minimo $2.000,00 (4%)


Se ofrecen “muy altos” beneficios, y posibilidad de trabajar (socios trabajadores)


Interesados pueden contactarme para mas detalles.


David Recort

Phone: +507 6041-1164



I got this reader request to post.

Suggestions?? – Getting a refund from the Piccadilly Dept Store David, Panama.

Does anybody have an idea on how to get a refund or exchange from Piccadilly Dept Store in David, Panama?

Bought a fan 2 weeks ago and asked to have it tested when I purchased it, which the cashier refused to do, said to just bring it back if it did not work.

When I got it home it did not work (surprise). Have been back to the store 4 times now and they have the info off the receipt and the fan, along with my phone number. No refund, exchange or phone call to date.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Thanks, RT

Another Success

This morning I received the following email:

From……: RA
Email…..: (removed)

Dear Sirs maybe you can help me I am looking for my cousin Dr. (name removed) who is a pediatrician in David. I am trying to find him after 20 years. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated for he is my only living relative. Could you tell him to contact me at (email address removed)

I looked the name up in the David phone book and called the number. A man answered and I asked if he was the doctor. He said no. I asked if he knew the doctor and he said it was his father.

I told him I had received an email from the doctor’s cousin and I was going to provide the person, that wrote me, with the phone number.

I just received the following email.

Thank you my friend may god bless you that’s my cousin

Now that makes me feel good.

Reader request

I received a request to post the following:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A big THANK YOU goes out to all you lovely people who attended the very successful Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival wine-tasting on Saturday!

It was a great event again, and everybody was having a fabulous time in beautiful Casa del Risco by the canyon!

The appetizers were excellent, 118 bottles of wine were emptied, everybody loved the music of Boqueteña singer/songwriter Lorena Ledezma, and Rigoberto’s Jazzband got patrons up on their feet to dance the evening away.

At the end of the day we were happy to count $ 677 for the Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival, a great success!

Thank you to Isabella Gomez and her crew of Casa del Risco for their help and support!

Thank you to the new Chef of Casa del Risco for creating sumptous appetizers that everybody just loved!

Thank you to Felipe Motta of David for supporting the event with great wines at promotional prizes!

Thank you to our gracious brigade of volunteer servers. We couldn’t have done it without you lovely ladies!

Thank you to Barbara Lapid for donating one of her great necklaces for the silent auction!


We hope to see you at the next ‚Sunday Morning in the Park’ free concert on Oct. 9th from 10am till 12 noon.

We are planning another wine-tasting fundraiser for late November or early December. Watch out for further announcements on noticias! If you missed Saturday’s wonderful event DON’T MISS OUT ON THE NEXT ONE!