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Poems By Don Ray Williams

Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Days

Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Days
By Don Ray Williams
March 27, 2016

I have been counting the hours, minutes, seconds and days.
Filling my time with TV, and eating until I’m half crazed.

I have learned that being alone is one thing, but being lonely is worse.
It’s a pain that can’t be eased by a doctor or nurse.

You’ve become so much, a part of my life,
First a friend, then companion, then lover and wife.

That when you’re not here I have this terrible void,
That nothing can fill and where nothing’s enjoyed.

The TV is on and I forget what I was watching,
Was it music I heard or was it just merely talking?

Food is tasteless and ice cream is bland.
Being alone is too hard for this mortal to stand.

Soon you’ll be home and my life again complete.
I’ll say I’ve been fine and it wasn’t much of a feat.

Still no matter what you hear or what I might say,
Know that when you are not here, I miss you each hour, minute and second of each day.

She Can See It in My Eyes

She Can See It in My Eyes
By Don Ray Williams
March 14, 2015

Here I sit with my knee supporting Koki’s chin,
We’re consoling each other because your gone again.

Koki knows there is something wrong, she can see it in my eyes.

There is such a void in my life, when you are away from me.
It seems my mind keeps your image running through it constantly.

Koki knows there is something wrong, she can see it in my eyes.

How I miss hearing your voice whispering my name,
When you’re not here, nothing is the same.

Koki knows there is something wrong, she can see it in my eyes.

I am missing you in the morning hours. I am missing you late at night.
I am missing the way you look at me, when you hold me tight.

Koki knows there is something wrong, she can see it in my eyes.

I am counting the hours until your return. I must remember to tell you so.
Please stay a while this time and comfort us. We hate it when you go.

By now it should be no big surprise,
That Koki knows there is something wrong.
She can see it in my eyes.


By Don Ray Williams
January 29, 2015

Here I sit, listening to old music and reminiscing.
Thinking of times gone by and old friends that are missing.

When we were young, we thought that we would all live forever,
We thought that we were invincible and would always be together.

And now as we get older, we start to notice that there are fewer of us around.
Old friends are disappearing, no longer to be found.

Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day,
Winter followed by Spring then summer and autumn, time unnoticed, slips away.

Today I shed more than a tear as I considered the time that I’ve lived.
Touched by many and while they’re gone, the memories they left me were truly a gift.

Beauty and Ugly

Beauty and Ugly

By Don Ray Williams
September 15, 2012

I was but a boy, sitting on my dad’s knee,
Yet, I remember till today, what he said to me.

Son, he said, I want you to remember this until you are grown,
Beauty is only skin deep, but Ugly goes clear to the bone.

Now I heard what he said, as he spoke in that serious tone,
And I knew it was wisdom that he wanted me to take as my own.

Considering my age, these words were really quite deep,
But, because he had said them, I pondered them each night as I’d go to sleep.

Not a year would go by, without him reminding me,
Of those words that he had said as I sat on his knee.

He would drill it in, again and again, nurturing a seed of wisdom he’d sown.
Beauty is only skin deep, but Ugly goes clear to the bone.

Now it took me a while. Maybe I am slower than most,
But I started to see how prophetic, we’re these words that he’d coached.

And now, I have gained my own experience through out the years,
And I have learned that all is not what, at first glance, it appears.

Some things with great luster, tarnished all to fast,
Though they appeared to have beauty at first, it just didn’t last.

And some things, because of appearance, that I have almost passed up,
Have been the things I now count on and can always trust.

He could have said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It is sort of the same,
But I am not sure that metaphorical wisdom would have stuck in my brain.

I remember his humor and his serious tone,
And I’ll always remember him saying,
Beauty is only skin deep, but Ugly goes clear to the bone.

Well Kiss My Grits

Well Kiss My Grits
By Don Ray Williams
August 12, 2011

Have you ever been driving down the road
When you hear a pop and a hiss.
You get out of the car to take a look, you see a flat.
Well kiss my grits.

Even worse than that, you pull out the spare,
And when it hits the ground you see it has no air.
Isn’t that is enough to make you just want to spit.
Well kiss my grits.

Three hours later, you have air in the tires and your moving along,
When your cell starts blasting, it your wife on the phone.
“Yer late again” she says, She throwing a real hissy fit.
Well kiss my grits.

You get home and open the door,
To be greeted by toys all over the floor,
The wife’s in the kitchen, still throwing a fit,
You’re on your back, having just done the splits,
Well kiss my grits.

She comes out and sees you lying there,
A beer in her hand and rollers in her hair,
Smeared makeup on her face and a cigarette hanging off her lip.
Well kiss my grits.

You were to be here four hours ago.
What do you have to say for yourself?
Don’t you dare give me no lame excuse,
And I don’t want none of your smart mouth.
Well kiss my grits.

In the background, the baby is crying,
There is a small trickle of blood where you’ve been lying.
Your gritting your teeth to keep from screaming.
And sure as hell, your gonna get more reaming.
Well kiss my grits.

I’m sorry baby, you know I love you honey,
I been working my butt of today, trying to make us some money.
I’m sorry I’m late, please don’t throw a fit.
But you wish you had the nerve to say,


By Don Ray Williams
February 4, 2012 (UPDATED February 14, 2015)

I’m younger, they say,
Than I was yesterday,
And I know the reason is you.

You make me feel good,
And I think that I should
Say thanks for the things that you do.

The warmth of your touch
Means ever so much.
I enjoy the smile on your face.

Yes, I’m lucky I know,
And I must tell you so,
For your goodness cannot be replaced.

Please ignore all my faults,
And remove any doubts
About how much I really care.

My loves always growing,
Though it’s not always showing,
So I’m telling you, so you’ll be aware.

Our time spent together
Seems to only get better,
And I hope that it never will end.

Hold my hand as I say,
In my very own way,
I love you; I need you,
my sweetheart, my lover, my wife, and my very best friend.

Just Two Seniors in Love

Just Two Seniors in Love
By Don Ray Williams
October 8, 2011

As he caressed her hand and looked deep in her eyes.
He wondered if she knew or even if she realized,
That she made his life complete

He always felt that his words were never enough,
And saying what he felt in his heart had always been tough,
But she made his life complete.

As he lay next to her and stroked her graying hair,
He hoped that maybe this would make her aware,
That she made his life complete.

She could tell as they cuddled and as he rubbed her cheek,
That he had things he wanted to say, but for some reason couldn’t speak.
But even in silence he made her life complete.

She ran a finger around his lips and whispered softly in his ear.
Words tender and sweet that she wanted only him to hear.
You have always made my life complete.

He walked more slowly now, and her vision was no longer twenty/twenty.
They had little money, but when they were together they felt they had plenty.
His memory sometimes failed him and when she spoke she might lose the thread,
But none of that seemed important, as they lay there in their bed,
Because they felt that their lives were complete.

Ain’t No Do Overs In Life

Ain’t No Do Overs In Life
By Don Ray Williams
September 25, 2011

I have had some missed opportunities. There are some things I wished I’d have done.
There are girls I wished I had kissed. There are some bells I wished I’d have rung.
One never knows how the future would change with opportunities taken.
Life wasn’t always meant to be stirred, sometimes it was meant to be shaken.
In the distance the drummers play along with the fife,
And the message they bring is that there ain’t no do overs in life.


And of course I have made some choices that if I could do over I wouldn’t have taken.
Maybe at that time I should have been stirring. Instead, looking back my life was certainly shaken.
That is the problem with hindsight. It is easier to know what one should have done.
You can’t take back a kiss once given and nor the sound of a bell once it’s been rung.
In the distance the drummers play along with the fife,
And the message they bring is that there ain’t no do overs in life.


Now of the two, which do you think is worse? Opportunities lost or opportunities taken.
Should one gently stir life or should life vigorously be shaken?
Looking backward, some answers may be easily given.
But the same cannot be said at the time your life you’re liven.
In the distance the drummers play along with the fife,
And the message they bring is that there ain’t no do overs in life.


Maybe the answer is to try to live without regret, to not look back and say what if.
Whether shaken or stirred is not important, as long as each day is fully lived.
So dream as if you live forever and live as though you’ll die today.
Remind yourself of these words and live by them each and every day.
In the distance the drummers play along with the fife,
And the message they bring is that there ain’t no do overs in life.

Do You Know

Do You Know
By Don Ray Williams
September 18, 2011

I am just sittin here, and kinda feelin blue,
Mostly its cause I’m so missin you.
You say when you are here, that I never say much,
But when you’re gone, you don’t know how I long for your touch.


And each day away, you’re still in my mind.
Perhaps the time, while you’re gone, will help me to find,
The words I know that I really should say,
To tell you how much I miss you each day.


Do You know that you bring calmness to the life that I live?
Do you know that I feel the warmth of the love that you give?
Do you know when you smile, that it brightens my day?
Do you know that I search for the right words to say?


I often think that fate was ever so kind,
When it caused our lives to become entwined.
And while I never say it, maybe you sense the feelings I have,
Of how grateful I am that our lives have crossed paths.


So while I am sittin here and feelin blue.
I know its only cause I missin you.
I know when you’re here, that I don’t talk much,
But you should know when you’re gone, that I long for your touch.