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British Embassy Phone Call

I had a good telephone conversation with Anna from the British Embassy. She called me this morning to see how Marion was doing and to offer continued assistance to her and her daughter Deborah.

While I had her on the telephone, I took the opportunity to mention that U.S. Citizens living in Panama were requesting that the U.S. Panama Embassy communicate with its counterparts in the Panama government related to current Panama laws involving minors committing violent crimes.

I told her that allowing minors, committing these offenses, to be released, with no punishment, is incentive to others to commit the similar crimes.

Anna told me that the British Embassy was very concerned and had met with the Boquete diputado on this very subject within the past two weeks.

It is good to know that Marion’s case has caused the focus to be raised in at least two embassies.

I encourage other foreign permanent residents of Panama, whose countries have embassies in Panama, to to contact their embassy with the same concerns. One voice is a solo. Multiple voices are a choir.

Day Two – No Water

The water situation is serious. Water was being brought in yesterday for the hospitals and the jail. More water will be brought in for neighborhoods today.

Thee government is asking that water be use sparingly and only for personal use.

Repair time is currently undetermined.

Ugg! I have seen outages before, but none where they were talking this way and not having a determination of the outage time.

UPDATE 8:30 PM – It appears water has returned.

SSA POL Forms Received

I now have my and MC’s SSA POL forms. My plan is to send them to the Federal Benefits Unit of the U.S. Embassy Monday or Tuesday. I need to call them first to verify that is OK.

Unfortunately, Robert’s POL forms didn’t come in and I will have to print off the form that the Embassy sent me and fill it out. His also will require my buying an ink pad and taking a finger print, since he is unable to sign the form.

The last I heard, there were still 500 expats in Panama whose POL forms had not been received. If you are one of them, contact the U.S. Embassy in Panama City to get a form.

If you you are a permanent resident of Panama and a U.S. citizen and don’t have a clue what POL stands for, Read This.

It Is Only Fair

I have given my fellow blogger, Richard Detrich, a lot of static lately on his being soft in his presentation of crime in Panama and Panama in general.

Therefore, it is only fair that I recognize his most recent posts, one on crime and one on Panama in general.

His last post on “Blowin’ Smoke Where The Sun Don’t Shine” was exceptional and like all of his posts,  extremely well written. I wish I were 1/2 the writer that Richard is.

If you are considering Panama as a retirement location, I invite you to read his post and digest it. Don’t just look for the things you want to read.

Do as he says, read everything you can get your hands, including his latest book, THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING AND RETIRING IN PANAMA.

The only qualification I would make, in what he wrote, is that if you test out living in Panama, make sure you have a minimum of 3 months experience in both the rainy and the dry seasons. He did recommend 6 months, but if you don’t know the seasons, you might just experience the rainy season.

No Water – No Problem (For a While)

We woke up this morning without water. Lilliam had warned me last night that water pressure was dropping and to hurry and take a shower.

I missed the water pressure warning and thought she was feeling amorous. However, when the cold shower water hit, because of low water pressure, my hopes went down the drain.

Her prediction was correct. She said she heard, this morning, that it was a planned outage and should be back by 1PM. I always believe it when I see it.

No problem, this morning Lilliam and I decided it would be a great time for a dip in the pool. It was refreshing and the pool is always good for emergency toilet flushes. When we got out I saw she had even brought soap with her. We bathed outside the pool and rinsed with pool water.

Paradise does sometimes require a little ingenuity to enjoy it to the fullest.

Now that I have swam, bathed and sprayed on a little Calvin Klein, I am ready for the next challenge of the day.

You know, Calvin Cline with a hint of chlorine could grow on me.

Hello Moon

IMG_0807On this morning’s walk the moon was up to greet us. We have missed a few days because of other activities and it is good to be back in the routine.

Lilliam got to visit with a friend of hers and they talked about the home invasions and how they need to be careful.

Lilliam told her friend if she heard anything, to not leave her bedroom and to call the police. The talked about how times have changed and how crime has turned violent. Lilliam’s friend lives alone and those are the ones most vulnerable.

It was a short visit, but I can tell what is on everyone’s minds.

Our walk continued and Lilliam’s spirit was not dampened. Besides the moon was up smiling at us. It is going to be a good day.

When we got back to the house, the news was playing. The commentator stated that the most violent provence in Panama is Chiriquí. English speaking residents, most likely didn’t listen to the news.

The moon is up. My spirits are up. However, crime is up too. Be careful out there.

MC Update October 29

It has been about six days since my last update. Long enough that I have received lots of questions, emails, phone calls and I feel an update might be in order.

For those just tuning in, this is followup to THIS POST.

Marion sends her appreciation for all that have sent and continue to send her good wishes and are keeping her in their thoughts.

She is still weak and over the last week, there have been ups and downs. She has been on and off solid foods and is currently back on. By being on solids, you should no assume that she is able to tolerate complete meals.

She gets full with just a couple spoonfuls And when she feels full she is not comfortable. She sometimes feels nauseous after having eaten little. I wasn’t able to see the doctor today, but will try later today or tomorrow.

We were surprised to go one day just after the police had left from getting Marion’s statement. Apparently they were there about 2 1/2 hours. Obviously they needed her statement to continue their investigation. Continue reading MC Update October 29

Driver’s License Renewal Complete

Yesterday I went by the driver’s license office with a letter from my doctor and a scanned copy of my cedula.

I had to take an eye exam. The fellow in front of me failed and was not given a license. He could drive home because his license was good until the end of the month.

I passed the eye exam and then moved to the auditory exam. I passed that as well. I am good for another two years.

When leaving the auditory exam, i was told that my age provided a discount and my cost would be $20. This validates comments on a pervious post.

My receipt is below.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge