I Am So Sad

The death of Robin Williams really shook me. I guess I never realized how much his performances had affected me. Whether it was a comedic role or a serious role, he drew you in and you were captivated.

The news of his death literally brought tears to my eyes. I have seen many of my favorite actors die, but none of their deaths made me cry.

Depression is a terrible thing. It is amazing how many truly creative people suffer from depression or drugs or booze. When you combine depression and substance abuse in the same person it is much more dangerous.

He was only 63. He has four movies that are still scheduled to be released later this year. What a shame. I am so sad.

RIP Robin Williams.

Wanted to hire – General Manager for Finca Santa Marta

I received a request to post the following:

Finca Santa Marta,
an organic vegetable/herb/fruit farm in western Panama is seeking a qualified person to become our new “hands on” General Manager.

We also grow free range chickens for meat and eggs and plan to start a tilapia growing operation soon. Our current GM turns 70 next week is ready to retire (again). He is willing to stay on as a part time consultant to the new manager.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualities:

Panamanian or expat – legal to work in Panama

  • Bilingual – Spanish and English
  • Strong motivational and time management skills
  • Highly ethical and computer literate
  • Mechanical aptitude with agriculture background Interest in Permaculture
  • Must live or be willing to move within 15 minutes of the farm. We are located 15 minutes from La Concepcion, Bugaba.

We offer an excellent starting salary with many other benefits including potential partial ownership and a
chance to make a difference.

Contact Ron Miller at panamaron@gmail.com with your resume and expected compensation.


I just got a call from the lady that is taking care of the stroke victim. She said the landlady had just come by and said that the stroke victim had to be out of the apartment by October 4th.

If that doesn’t beat all. Here the landlady was reimbursed for her paying his hospital bill (somewhere in the area if $1,400). He is current on all of his bills.

People never cease to amaze me.

It is going to be hard to find some place for him to be moved into in this short a period of time.

He has a large amount of furniture that will have to be moved. Incredible!

UPDATE: It appears the crisis has been averted

It’s great to be alive

When I visited the stroke victim on Monday, he was really down. He said we needed to talk. I said, “what about?”

He said he wanted to check out of here. I said, you want to leave this apartment and go to an assisted living facility?

He said, “no, I want to check out.”

After a few more exchanges, I realized he was telling me he wanted to die. I said, “and what is your plan for that?”

He said, give me a pill.

I said, “Sorry, there is no assisted suicide in Panama and I won’t participate in that.”

It was about that time he moved his right arm to his chest. It was the first time I had seen him move the right side of his body.

I pointed out to him that he was making progress and said I wasn’t giving up on him and didn’t want him giving up on himself. Continue reading

The Arrow Flew True To The Mark

I know that my post on the 29th (Follow Your Arrow) probably left you wondering what was going on. I have continued to try to solve some more problems for the stroke victim. My initial attempt to try to help him access his money had failed. A Power of Attorney (POA) from the victim requesting my assistance, was not acceptable to the bank.

On my trip to the bank earlier this week, I was told about more forms that would need to be filled out and more notary stamps, just to get the stroke victim a bank card. The large part of the problem was because he has lost the use of his right hand and could not sign anything. Having the notary go to the victim’s apartment for the first POA cost $150.

To avoid any more $150 notary fees, It appeared that the only way to make progress was to transport the stroke victim to the bank and have him make the request in person. I wasn’t sure how we could accomplish this, but it appeared to have a higher likelihood of success than anything else.

Yesterday morning the lady that is caring for the stroke victim got him dressed. Lilliam and I met the physical therapist at the apartment. The physical therapist and I got the stroke victim loaded into the car and put the wheelchair into back of the car. We headed to the bank. Continue reading

Follow Your Arrow

As the song says, you only get so many trips around the sun. Yeah, you only live once. This song will probably register differently to everyone that listens to it. To me it says you have to be true to yourself no matter what others are saying.

Tomorrow I have an important meeting and the good news is I will know quickly if it was a smart thing to do or not. Either way, I am following my arrow and I am not going to hindsight myself if it doesn’t go as planned.

I hope you enjoy the video. Tell me how it registers with you