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More KODI Adventures

I have meant to post this for some time, but my Internet problems kept me from doing it. Now that I have my Internet back, I will try it again. KODI keeps improving and there are a lot of hackers doing custom builds which completely change the look of KODI as well as adding more capability.

In December, I replaced one of my Amazon Fire Sticks with a new Amazon Fire TV, picked up at the $75 Christmas price. I think it is one of the best values in Android TV boxes.

I like the new remote and if you subscribe to Amazon Prime you can jump to watching a program, by just asking Alexis to take you to it. You will most likely have to be using UNLOCATOR if you want to make use of US programming on Amazon Prime.
I also bought and inserted a cheap $20 128GB micro SD chip and increased the Fire TV’s storage capacity.

I really like the Amazon Fire devices and IMHO they are about the best value in the Android TV accessories.

When my Fire TV arrived, I immediately installed FireStarter and KODI. KODI is turning out to be the best TV entertainment medium I have found. FireStarter has turned out to be the way to access KODI on a Fire device. With the latest FireStarter upgrades (which, updates on the Fire device), it provides the ability to also update KODI without needing a PC. That is a real benefit.

This has been a real advantage with some of the new KODI testing I have been doing. Not too long ago a CC reader told me about a new addon ( called a KODI build) called “The Beast”. Continue reading More KODI Adventures

Cable Onda Day Four

I just called Cable Onda again. Still have no telephone and the Internet is still up and down. The call desk attendant apparently didn’t have the problem history in front of him. I told him that when Irving M left he said the problem with the Internet was outside the house and someone else would be out to troubleshoot it.

Why this doesn’t show up in the records for my subscriber number is beyond me. Keep in mind that Cable Onda is the largest and best provider in Panama. If you are planning on moving to Panama and working over the Internet – GOOD LUCK!

When the call desk got ready to end the call, he said service would be back up in an hour. I started a timer for grins.

I asked if he was talking about the telephone or Internet and he said both.

The fun and games continue. Scratch that. The games continue. It is not fun.

UPDATED two hours following the last call. Nothing has changed. Did you really think it would? I didn’t. As frustrating as the technical problem is the sloppy handling of trouble calls and problem history.

I have had help centers working for me in my past life. A good help desk needs good personal training to deal with cantankerous clients. I am getting close to being in that category. I will give The attendants I have talked to reasonably high marks on their phone technique.

I give them failing marks in providing any confidence in a problem ever being solved. The fact that every call starts over from the beginning is a major problem.

I would have more faith that someone was working on the problem, if the attendant has a conversion something like this.

Hello Mr. Williams. I see you called in on this date and this date and this date. The engineer reported a line problem on this date. It is being followed up on by xyz and we will confirm a fix when they have found the problem.

I also see that you don’t have telephone service. That problem has not been located.

We appreciate your patience. We will contact you when service has been restored.

Of course I don’t have much faith in that happening in my lifetime.

Next UPDATE: Following my previous update I made another call. The attendant goes through the same routine of verifying the subscriber #, name on the account, house address, email address, cell #, and home phone (which I always say is there right number if it worked.

He asked how he could help me. I asked if his log showed any problem history with my subscriber #. —- No reply.

He then asked if any of my services were not working. He would not have to ask this if Cable Onda maintained any client history on trouble calls. It is unfair to blame the help desk attendant. This is a problem with Cable Onda.

After he listened to my rant, he went off to check and returned saying the following.

The problem are being worked on. I asked which problem, the Internet or the phone. He said both. He said it would be complete in the evening. I said I would call back at 6PM, and he said OK.

Cable Onda Problems – Day Three

I had Ariel, from MStore, come out and help diagnose any potential problems with my In-house network. After an hour and a half of repeating everything I had done yesterday, he and I both concluded the problem was not with any of my equipment.

Not only that, but he concluded there was no conflict or possible configuration problem with Cable Onda’s network. He said he would remain on call in case Cable Onda wanted to talk to him.

The ball was now back in Cable Onda’s court. Cable Onda’s technician (Irving M) came at 12:30pm. His first course of action was to replace the modem that CO replaced two days before. Nothing changed. However, I could tell that this technician really knew his stuff.

He concluded that the problem was outside the house and checked my house’s connection at the street and said it was fine. He said he reported this to the office and said another technician would be out in an hour to start checking down the street to who knows where.

I called Cable Onda at 4:30 PM and had to start a new dialog with a new help desk attendant. Of course he looked at his indicators and said it appeared that the Modem connection was fine and was receiving data.

I told him that Irving M should have reported in after leaving my house and told the office that the problem was outside the house. The help desk attendant said that he did see that the modem was dropping signal.

He said he would have another person come out. He said it might be another two days. This is why it is so frustrating trying to get any problem solved. Each person passes the problem to the next and leaves and the record keeping from their service visit may not reflect the status when they leave.

Problem continuing and frustration increasing. Currently I am having trouble keeping a connection long enough to get this post up. It is starting to remind me of the movie Groundhog Day.

BCP is Looking For a Music Director

I received a request to post the following:

Do you have a musical background? Can you re-write scores to meet specific needs for a community theater production? Then we could really use your help! The Boquete Community Theater would love to produce a musical (or two) in the future, but we need the talent and creative energy of someone with musical skills. If you’d like to help us continue to provide fun and entertaining theater in Boquete, please contact Barbara Fiorucci at

Ending The Year

Yesterday, Lilliam’s daughter and family from Panama City arrived to celebrate year end. They brought their new young Pomeranian puppy.

Koki and the puppy bonded and all three dogs were playing. We are dog sitting another dog. Without warning the young puppy fell over and died of an apparent heart attack.

It was a small dog and a big reminder. Enjoy each day. You never know when your day has come.

Continuing On The Journey

Another year is winding down. I have had a few emails asking about Marion and decided I should give an update.

She is staying with Lilliam and me. We celebrated Christmas quietly and have watched more movies and TV series on KODI than I can count. She is currently watching Woman in Gold.

She has a checkup tomorrow and still more recuperation in front of her.

However, from the point she first entered Hospital Mae Lewis, she has come a long way. I consider her extremely lucky to have made it through the first night and the first week. Had someone above not been looking down on her, she wouldn’t have.

I hope that we can visit with the authorities in January and get an update on the case. I am still outraged that that is not a larger outcry in seeking justice for victims of minors committing crimes.


I received the following for posting:

Dear Mr. Ray,

Our American football club is looking for individuals with “American football refereeing” experience, in other words individuals that can officiate American tackle and flag football games in the David City, Chiriqui area, or other surrounding cities (Bugaba, Volcan, Boquete), if the need arises. 99% of the time, our games are within the David City County Limits. Games are usually held on weekends, favoring Saturday and Sunday (50/50) split and maybe some Friday nights.

Financial compensation is available.

Any interested party please write to:

Sincerely yours I remain,

Angel Quintero
Panama Patriots American Tackle & Flag Football Team
Formerly known as The Bulls Football Team
President Premium Sports League