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Be Joyful and Be Grateful

This is the time of year to count our blessings. Last Sunday, Lilliam and I attended the Annual Christmas party at Hogar Santa Catalina. This is a facility I have written about in David that cares for the elderly.

These weekly visitations we make always give me the opportunity to focus on life and the importance of making the most of each day.

There is so many people that are held captive by their infirmities or lack of funds. If you are living in Panama and have been blessed with a good life, this time of year is a good time to share a little kindness with those less fortunate.

There are organizations all over Chiriquí that could use some Christmas cheer. I am sure if you look there are probably some near you.

Here is a couple photos from Sunday’s party. They fed the residents well.

Moving To Panama – Reality Check

I have been neglect in posting about life in Panama for a while, but I assure you I have been and continue to be busy. However, after recently reading a couple of the Yahoo sites and other websites and blogs, I feel moved to set some records strait.

The number of sites that provide valuable information have diminished in the 14+ years since I first started to consider Panama as a place to retire. When I moved here, the Yahoo groups were a valuable source of good information and the people that contributed really wanted to help.

Not only has Yahoo become an email provider to avoid, but the groups themselves tend to be areas of discontent. My opinion. As a side note, if you use Yahoo as an email provider, you would be wise to close your account and get a different provider. To see why, just do a Google Search on Yahoo Information Breaches. Continue reading Moving To Panama – Reality Check

Google Trusted Contacts

Google has just released a new mobile phone App called Trusted Contacts.

This might be a worthwhile App for those moving to Panama.

It is supported on the Android operating system and will be supported on iPhone’s IOS.

Here is why I think it is good and should be considered.

You register those that you consider your Trusted Contacts.

The App will allow your parents, siblings, close friends and relatives to find you in an emergency.

You can share your location with a trusted contact if you feel unsafe or want somebody to watch out for you.

Even in situations where you’re unable to get your phone, your trusted contacts can find you.

If a friend or family member asks for your location and you don’t respond within 5 minutes, your location is automatically shared with your loved one.

You can stay in touch. You can check up on loved ones by seeing if their phone has detected movement recently, or if their battery is critically low or empty.

I am setting Lilliam and my daughter up as my trusted contacts.

I’m Pixel – ing


My Google Pixel arrived at E-Shop yesterday.

This may be the first Google Pixel in Panama. This is the best phone I have ever owned.

I decided on the Pixel as opposed to the Pixel XL because I thought it would fit in my pocket easier.

It will take a little time to see if the larger screen would have been a better choice, but at the moment, I think it is going to be fine.

It is fast, the camera works great, and all of my applications have been installed.

I once again feel like I am part of the Internet world.

Time for a Heads Up

The tropical storm OTTO in the Atlantic has a possibility of becoming a hurricane in the next couple of days.

Everything I read says that it will most likely be more of a major concern in Costa Rica, but as we all know, the weather isn’t always predictable.

However, if I were in the Atlantis coastline, I would monitor the weather. Travel plans to Costa Rica from Panama or Panama from Costa Rica and even Panama City to David need to be flexible for the next few days.

Several flights have been canceled recently because of rain.

HERE is a site that gives a good visualization of whats happening.

It’s Just a Little Rain

This is the most rain I remember in my 14 years in Panama. It seems like it has been going on for ever. I feel lucky that I live in David and don’t have to travel to get my personal needs satisfied.

2 Minutes from Supermarket Rey, 5 minutes to the major hospitals. You never think about things like this until you start seeing all of the traffic accidents that happen in the rain in Panama.

People drive the same in Panama, whether it is raining or dry. The other day a gasoline truck went off the road and exploded killing all occupants.

The roads are suffering and there are many potholes forming.

Some places wish they only had potholes.


It pays to take a little extra time driving during the rainy season. Stay safe out there.