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Clearing The Air

I have received a couple emails related to one of the last statements I made on Chiriquí Life, before I requested my membership and profile be removed. The statement was misunderstood and has been taken out of context and maybe should be clarified.

I will use today’s email as a means of doing that because it covers many subjects, which I can only assume are repeated elsewhere and I prefer to have all discussions in the open. Many of these locations are places where I can’t respond, such as Ning and CL.

I do not know the writer of the email. I will respond within his email. While he states that this doesn’t need to be on my blog, I don’t like rumors or innuendos being stated without discussion.

So with apologies to the author, I will use his email to begin the discussion and appreciate his taking the time to email me.

Chiriquí Chatter is a blog and not a forum, but often posts do generate a lot of discussion. Usually the discussions on CC remain civil. In the “About” section of the blog, I state that all opinions written by me, are my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of the U.S. Embassy.

I always appreciate these discussions because they allow all viewpoints to be heard. I will also remind you readers that the written word is not always understood as the writer intended it. This is true in things I write as posts and things that are written as comments. As my dad always used to say,

“I know you think you understand what you thought i said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

The email follows. Continue reading Clearing The Air

MC Update – November 25 – In the words of William Wallace “F r e e d o m”

Just a brief update. Marion was discharged today. She will continue her recovery process, but no longer within Hospital Mae Lewis. As an appropriate sign from above, as we were leaving the hospital, what did we see but a rainbow.

Click to enlarge
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It couldn’t have been more perfect.

At the appropriate time, Deborah is planning on having a celebration, at a location to be chosen, so that Marion can see all of her well wishers.

Setting Records

It seems that I am gaining a new talent. I have been banned from the second Chiriqui forum. First by Boquete Ning and now by Chiriquí Life.

I had respectfully requested that my membership and profile be removed.from Chiriquí Life twice. I first requested by Chiriqui Life messenger and once by email.

This was my third request.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

I see that part of my request was granted, however is a manner that was not requested and that I find offensive. The profile was not removed but instead, I was banned from visiting the site.

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I better be careful or I will find out that I have banned myself from Chiriquí Chatter.

MC Update November 22

The previous week was an interesting week. It had ended on all it of a down bringing us to this week.

This week there was no progress to speak of.

Yesterday, they scheduled an endoscopy do take a look at how things were going inside. Deborah spoke to the doctor last night and he said that things looked good, no scaring and there was still some inflammation, which he said was the reason for the slowness of moving to solid food.

When we went today, Marion was in good spirits. I think the endoscopy results has eased her mind. She is beginning to eat, so keep your fingers crossed. We want to see continued progress this week.

Appropriately, this is Thanksgiving week.

Rain – Rain – and more Rain

WOW. It started raining yesterday afternoon and it was still raining this morning. My pool is full. Even now in the afternoon, it is still overcast this afternoon and while the rain has slowed, it is still with us.

Today is a great day. I just feel it. Lilliam is very happy. Last night Costa Rica defeated Panama in soccer. For the first minute she wasn’t sure who she was going to root for. By the end of the second minute, her TICA genes kicked in. It was a great game, even though it was played in a tremendous downpour. Panama played well but was defeated 2-1.

Oh, I have to tell you this.Yesterday a good friend of mine came over to the house. I have known Zech since July, 2010 when I met him in the Regional Hospital with a bullet 1/4 from his spine.

He, his Dad, and his wife were on their ship (The Antares), moored off an island near Pedregal, when five men boarded the ship in hopes of finding a fortune in gold coins. Zech’s dad was shot and killed and Zech was shot and left for dead only to be saved by his wife. Her story is HERE. Continue reading Rain – Rain – and more Rain

MC Update November 14

It has been over a week since my last update. The only real news is that it has been over a week since my last update.

It is frustrating for Marion. It is frustrating for her daughter. It is frustrating for all who care for Marion.

The most frustration comes from lack of visible progress. Sometimes it is hard to realize progress.

Marion had a catheter removed yesterday and replaced today. Solid food intake has not been achieved. Oxygen is no longer supplemented.

Therapy continues. Another X-Ray is scheduled for this afternoon.

Our last conversation with the doctor reminded us to be patient. Easier said than done. We were told that some cases like this improve in 6-8 weeks. Others require much longer.

Design Plaza

IMG_1296On our morning walk I met Lic. Elvis L. Samudio, who is the Administrator for the new Design Plaza that is opening up on the old Boquete Road. I added a Google Map on the previous post for ELMEC.

Lic. Elvis was taking photos of the back of the center and I asked about the other stores that would be joining ELMEC.

As you would expect, from the name of this plaza, it is intended to be the home of many stores that are associated with design and construction of homes and and other developments.

Then it hit me. To get the attention of the Panama government related to cracking down on crime and changing the law related to minors, you have to follow the money.

None of the businesses in The Design Plaza will achieve their expectations, if there is a slow down in tourism and people wanting to move to Panama. I offered to speak with the business owners to have them start putting pressure on the appropriate officials for crime law changes.

This is just another “Follow the Money” strategy.

As a side note, the U.S. Embassy is in the planning stages for a potential December Outreach in Chiriquí. They are hoping to bring the security personal that have been advising the Panama government in gang and drug traffic control programs. If they are able to schedule this outreach, I will post the time, date and location.

Planet Telecom Stands up for Its Clients

I think many of us, living in Chiriquí, have struggled trying to figure out what has motivated the JLM Foundation to pay good money for Boquete Ning and then destroy its best quality (its knowledge base).

A forum is only as good as the answers from its membership. When the real knowledge base has been removed, all you have left are new members with no experience or limited experience.

Recently, the new Boquete Ning management sent out emails soliciting new advertisers. The rates are higher and the value is less (my perception).

I think all of the current advertisers have been watching the new Boquete Ning management evaluating whether it would make sense to continue with Ning or advertise elsewhere.

Planet Telecom is the first to make a public announcement on Ning that they would not continue. In a well written reply to Ning’s announcement of its new business model, Planet Telecom gave their reasons for leaving at the end of their current contract.

Here was their post, which Ning immediately removed. Continue reading Planet Telecom Stands up for Its Clients