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Magic Jack and Apple OS X El Capitan

A short note on Apple’s Latest upgrade, El Capitan. I still use my original Magic Jack for calls to the U.S..

When I upgraded to OS X El Capitan, my Magic Jack stopped working. I still had one Apple MacMini that I had not upgraded and I hooked it up today and the Magic Jack works.

If you depend on the original Magic Jack and you use an Apple desktop, then the latest upgrade will kill Magic Jack.

You have been warned

Apple WWDC Announcements

If you are not a techie at heart, you may not have paid any attention to Apple’s WWDC that is going on. This is the World Wide Developers Conference, where Apple announces upcoming hardware, software and development kits for developers to use to create new products.

As you may remember, when the iPad came out, I re-entered the world of Apple. At the same time I bought an Apple Mac Mini to connect to a large screen TV for movie streaming.

However, my main PC was a very powerful Gateway running Windows 7. I loved that system too, but soon having different technologies made it more difficult to keep my contact lists up to date and moving information from one device to another.

I bit the bullet and bought an iMac and it replaced my desktop. I had thought if the need arose, I would just add Windows to the system, since it has a built-in feature to dual boot into Windows. To this point, I have never found the need to buy Windows, but that always remains a backup plan. Continue reading Apple WWDC Announcements