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More then 100 Robberies in Boquete in the first 6 months of 2013

According to yesterday’s La Prensa, there were more than 100 robberies in Boquete in the first six months of 2013. Following is a BING translation of the article into English.

More than 100 robberies and thefts in Boquete in 2013


25/07/2013 – 114 cases of thefts and robberies They have been reported in the first six months of the year, in the District of Boquete, what worries the population, making it the national police allocated two vehicles to patrol the area and arranged operating and mobile checkpoints to curb crime.

Miguel Castillo, resident of Boquete, revealed that the situation in the area has changed due to the population increase, because before they were only 11 thousand inhabitants and now exceed 20 thousand.

According to the Mayor of this district, Manolo Ruiz, citizens must be created with – science on the issue of security, because often committed crimes leave Windows and doors open. “The biggest problem is theft, both in the residences of national and foreign,” he said.

Ruiz stressed that it will continue to apply the so-called “carrot law” in Boquete to curb the criminal activities. For this reason, Monday through Thursday bars, canteens and supermarkets may not sell liquor after midnight.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the police area of Chiriqui, Julio Lasso, announced that as of this moment is reinforced security and surveillance in the district.


Tribunal Electoral en David

I have had to go to the Tribunal Electoral many times. This is one place you have to go to to get may certified documents, such as death certificated. Panamanians will have to go there to get their cedulas.

It used to be to the left of Centro 123. The other day I was passing by there and noticed it hac moved and the doors were shut. There was a note taped to the doors saying it had moved. If you go by the old location you will currently see this.

The note on the door tells you that Tribunal Electoral has moved to the old C&W building. If you are at the old location facing the closed doors, walk to the corner and turn left. Walk to the end of the block and across from Daisy you will see the old C&W building. Here is a photo,

Pay Your Fine Here

Yesterday, I was in the Chiriquí Mall and it dawned on me that there might be a few people that don’t know where the Transit Authority Office is. If you happen to get a speeding violation or a violation for driving while talking on the cell phone, here is where you are going to have to go to pay “The Man”.

I have heard many people say that the only traffic violations that get handed out are for the gringos. A couple of years ago I got a ticket for driving while using the cell phone. I really didn’t know that was a violation at the time. I think it cost me $50. I really don’t remember. I do know when I was in line to pay my fine that I was the only gringo in line and the place was full of people that were paying fines.

I personally think they are equal opportunity ticket givers. I didn’t offer to pay the officer that handed me a ticket to avoid getting the ticket. I have heard both locals and gringos say that is cheaper than paying the fine. My concern with that is that it breeds corruption and it was a better lesson for me just to pay the fine.

It Can’t Be that High. I Didn’t Bathe That Much!

When you need to pay your water bill, this is the office you are going to have to visit in David. One of the things you learn is to look at all bills, because many times they are not correct and have charges that shouldn’t be there. That includes your Water, Electricity and Telephone bills.

I paid my water bill today and the bill stated $35+. Now it has never been that much. After asking the attendant in the office to verify the billing, it was reduced to $21.92. That was still more than I am used to. Guess I need to go back to one bath a week, just like back on the farm.

Can You Find Me Now?

Can You Find Me Now?

Cable & Wireless has moved in David. I went to pay my telephone bill this morning and when I parked, I noticed that all of the windows on the Cable & Wireless building were boarded up. After a phone call I learned that they had moved into the building that had previously been the C&W Mobile office building. Verizon may have the commercial “Can you hear me now?” but C&W has altered it to “Can you find me now?”

In case you are looking for the C&W office, this is what it now looks like.
C&W New Office

David Emigration Office

David Emigration Office
I finally remembered today that I had been to the Panama Immigration Office in David and requested a new pensionado card. I did this back in June or July. The fellow there had said he would check with Panama and get one. He said he would call me when he had it.

Since I didn’t put it in my permanent memory (Palm Pilot) I forgot all about it. For some reason, over the weekend I remembered I had a pending task that I had not completed. I went by the Emigration office today to check on the progress and I found out that they were waiting for me to give them a written statement requesting a duplicate pensionado card.

The lesson here is that nothing gets done if you don’t keep an eye on it. If someone says they will call you, it will happen 1% of the time. If the number you leave is a cell-phone number, the percentage is reduced.

If you need to find the Emigration office, it is located on Calle C Sur, which is a one-way street. It is just before the intersection of the street that runs by the Palacio Municipal. This is also a place you will have to go if you are like me. Every once in a while I forget to put the parking card on your window and receive a parking ticket and my 10 cent parking just became $1.10 after I pay the fine.
Placio Municipal

Oh before I forget, Calle C Sur is a street that requires caution when you drive on it. For some reason people forget it is a one-way street and there seems to be many accidents on this street. I had a cab driver call it Calle de muertos (Street of the dead). Hmmm, I wonder when the movie will come out.