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Thank Goodness For Julio

Almost three years ago I injured my back and was in tremendous pain. Robert Watson had contacted me a few months prior to let me know he was now in Panama and helping those with back and other physical problems.

He used a method called the Dorn technique. When my pain became so intense that I couldn’t stand it, I went to see him and he worked his magic. He was so good, that I haven’t had problems again until a couple weeks ago, when I lifted something I shouldn’t have lifted.

Robert began by doing a complete examination, checking leg length, hip placement, feeling various muscles to observe those under stress.

I would have returned to Robert, with my latest problem, but he died about a month after my session with him. He was a fantastic person and Panama lost a true healer.

Last Thursday, I had a good neighbor tell me about Julio Leiva. He practices at the Panama Red Cross and is a specialized physical therapist. He obtained his training in Barcelona Spain and is continuing his training there. Continue reading Thank Goodness For Julio