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Panamanian Medical Benefits Provided To Tourists

Last night I was talking to a friend of mine that has just recently returned to visit Panama. He hadn’t been here long and had an accident while riding his bike. He told me he had picked up the new Panama Medical Benefits brochure (photo above), when he entered and I thought it would be good to share his experience and knowledge with others. I asked him if he would write an email with the pertinent information.

My friend said that the benefit card and the fact that he had done as the brochure requested, made a lot of difference in easing the process when he entered the hospital. His email follows. Continue reading Panamanian Medical Benefits Provided To Tourists

Dental Esthetic special

I just received the following information about a special my dentst  is having.

Hi Don

Welcome back we all missed your posts! Dra Miriam has asked me to let you
know that she is offering the readers of chiriqui chatter a 2 x1 checkup and
cleaning deal from now till oct. 7 2010, this is a great opportunity for a
couples or friends… the cost is $35 for the two! Dr Miriam can be reached
for an appt at 730-2826 and she now has her website up and running (with new
fotos) at which has directions and contact info as
well her email address is and she is located in
Plaza Mallorca on ‘Via Rapida” .

all the best to you and your family,


Dental Implant Special

I just received the following email from my dentist ( Dra. Miriam in Dental Esthetic).

From……: Dra. Miriam

Hi Don,

I am currently  offering dental  implants at $1,200 these normally cost around $1,500-$1,800  in Panama (and double or triple that in the USA),  I am  happy to give Chiriqui chatter followers a free evaluation, I have 11 years of experience and lots of references from satisfied implant clients, I use very high grade materials from the US.  The office is located at Plaza Mallorca in David City. please email for more details or call (507) 730-2826

Dental Esthetic in David Special for February & March

I received the following from Dra. Miriam:

From……: Dra. Miriam

Hola Don,

This month Dental Esthetic in David, is offering a 2 for 1 special for february the month of love…for all the readers of the Chiriqui Chatter blog, that would like to have a cleaning, an evaluation and (1) x-ray (if necessary) the price is $30 for two people, the regular price is $30 per person. I am also offering a deal for teeth whitening, $100, where I make a night guard and give the patient the whitening products to do it at home, in office whitening is $150 for top and $300 for top and bottom, this includes a cleaning and evaluation. Please call to make an appointment at 730-2826 we are located at Plaza Mallorca on the Via Rapida 4 blocks before purple house on the left. This offer will remain valid until the end of March 2010.

We also specialize in Implants, and Gum Problems.

Vision Followup

Yesterday was my followup visit to have the results from my Panama City examination reviewed by Dr. Young.

I should mention, that you need to prepare yourself when you go for some doctor’s appointments. Dr. Young is a highly recognized doctor and when he is in David, he always has a lot of people to see. My appointment was at 4:00 PM and I got to see him at 6:50 PM. That is just the way it is.

While I was waiting, I got to talk to several people. One had come from Costa Rica to have cataract surgery on both eyes. She was extremely pleased. I think the costs depend on several factors, but her cost to have both eyes done was in the $2,500 range.

Now for the news from my appointment. I am happy to report that my form of macular degeneration is the “dry” form. That is good news. It is nice to know that I will be able to enjoy the sight of a well filled bikini for a few more years. 🙂

I am now free to return to Vision 20/20 and have my prescription filled for new glasses. I hope to do that soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Now Say Cheese

I was in Dental Esthetic today and Dr. Miriam said a few people had said that she looked sad in the photo I had on my original post. I told her we could fix that and I whipped out my trusty camera and took a new photo of Dr Miriam and her staff.

Haisell on the left and Omaira on the right are two of the assistants. Omaira is also the administrative assistant and schedules all the appointments. Dr. Miriam Rodriguez is in the center. They are the reason I no longer hate to go to the dentist.

The Good, The Bad and The Stupid

Yesterday, I experienced all of the feelings in the title of this post.

The stupid part was my biting into a chocolate covered caramel that had just come out of the icebox.

The bad was realizing that the tasty morsel had created a problem with past dental work.

The good was that I called Dental Esthetic and they said they could see me at 4:30 PM. When Dra. Miriam realized that it was a porcelain bridge that I had loosened, she called Dra. Ana and asked if she could drop by and make a recommendation.

Dra. Ana showed up in about 15 minutes, cleaned the bridge, cleaned the tooth area, applied adhesive and sent me on my way.

You just can’t beat that for service. I would never have expected that if I were in the US.

Is This The Route To The Canal? Part 3 – The Final Chapter

I see that I never posted the final post on my root canal and new crown journey. The journey is complete and I declare it to have been a success.

The final dentist in the Dental Esthetic office that took care of having the new crown made and fitted was Dra. Ana Santanach de Caballero.

I was as pleased with Dra. Ana as I have been with Dra. Miriam and Dr. Ortiz. All three doctors were involved with this root canal journey and if ever there can be anything positive to say about having a root canal, this experience was my best. Dra Miriam diagnosed the need for the root canal, Dr. Ortiz performed the root canal and Dra. Ana did all work on the crown.

I have seen Dra. Ana in the Dental Esthetic office several times and think she is handling some of the office clients. I am pretty particular about who has their hands in my mouth and this clinic has not let me down yet. It is always good to know some people with a little pull so to speak.

Is This The Route To The Canal? Part 2

Today, I had an 8:00 AM appointment to begin the root canal project. Yesterday’s dental appointment showed that it was definitely necessary.  I could have done today’s procedure yesterday, but I had meeting to go to at 7:00 PM and didn’t think I could handle it.

I was at Dental Esthetic at 8:00 AM sharp.  I can’t say that I was excited to be there. Dr. Luis Carlo Ortiz was more ready than I was. The process was to cut off the previous crown, clean out the root canals, disinfect and fill the canals, and build a temporary crown. The time was to be just shy of 2 hours.

We went over by a about 30 minutes. I think I caused the time problem because my nerves were producing an enormous amount of saliva and we had to stop a couple times for me to refocus.

This isn’t my first root canal. I had two in the US. I have to say that this was the least objectionable of any I have had done. I went to the best dentists in Dallas because my company provided my insurance. My apprehensions today, were based on my experiences in Dallas.

Compared to Dallas, this was a piece of cake. Dr. Ortiz applied a topical dressing, which numbed the gum before he gave the pain injection. I felt a slight prick when I got the shot, but it was easy to handle. From the time the medicine took effect, until the procedures were complete, I felt NO PAIN.

I even got a little free entertainment. There was a lot of classic rock music playing (Phil Collins, etc.) and Dr Ortiz knew all of the songs. As he sang along, I asked if he was practicing for the next Latin American Idol. Dr. Ortiz is Panamanian, but studied dentistry in Argentina. He had also spent time in Iowa and his English is very good. Nice personality, good chair-side manner and I think he did a good job. To this point I am very happy. Another doctor will start the permanent crown next Tuesday. You can expect more updates.

At this point I am pretty upbeat and I don’t think it has anything to do with the three margaritas I just drank.