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Valentine’s Dental Special

Saludos y a la vez es para compartir con los usuarios de Chiriqui Charter. Los descuentos como todos los años. En el mes del amor y la amistad. De 2 por 1 en nuestra limpieza dental que incluye el diagnostico de caries y encias atte. Dra. miriam Rodríguez. Pra citas previa llamar al 6807 6166 celular. Del consultorio o escribir a

(Google Assisted Translation) Greetings and time to share with readers of Chiriqui Charter. Discounts as every year. In the month of love and friendship. 2 for 1 on our dental cleaning which includes the diagnosis of cavities and gum disease. Call Dr. Miriam Rodriguez. for appointment at 6807 6166 Mobile. For consultation, call 6807 6166 Mobile or write to

descuento clinica

Its That Time Again

In fact, it was a little past time for me to go see my dentist. As a result, I had a couple pockets that had formed and will have to return in a couple months to have them treated again.

I know I probably need to go in every 3 months or 4 at the most and this time I waited 6 months. Dra. Miriam took care of me with her usual skill and my mouth is once again kissably fresh.

Lilliam will be happy to hear that.

Clínica de Especialidades Odontológicos

Shopping for a new smile? Lilliam ran into a friend of hers (Dra. Fabiola Fernandez de Taboada) that has opened a new orthodontia clinic in David. The name of the clinic is Clínica de Especialidades Odontológicos and its website can be found HERE and has a wealth of information in Spanish.

We went by to see the clinic. It is a very modern clinic and it also is providing training in orthodontia.

It is located off Miguel Brenes. When driving south on Brenes, turn right on the street just past the church. On the left you will see the clinic that is in the photo above.

If you stop by the clinic, tell Dra. Fabiola that you heard about the clinic on Chiriquí Chatter.

Considering Panama For Retirement? Part 2

In this post I will visit some observations related to healthcare. These observations are strictly based on my experiences in Chiriqui. Being a Warden for the U.S. Embassy and visiting U.S. Citizens in the local hospitals, I see some things that others never see.

Things will be a little different in Panama City. There will be more healthcare options there, but most of the options will also carry a higher price tag.

If you are considering Panama because of the rising healthcare costs in the U.S. Then in many cases you may not find any improvement in Panama. Healthcare is sort of a mixed bag. This is one area when it is very good to have Panamanian friends to help advise you on the doctors to chose and use or not choose and avoid. It is also a good idea to get references from foreigners as well, because those may be different than locals. It will be up to you to determine who to believe.

The capability of the healthcare system in Panama is pretty high. However costs are getting higher and the increase of foreigners coming to Panama with insurance plans are helping the price to increase. If you chose the wrong doctor you may be viewed more as a dollar sign than a patient. Continue reading Considering Panama For Retirement? Part 2

Seems Like The More I Do, The Be-hinder I get

I still have the last Port of the Cruise series to get Posted. I keep getting sidetracked. I seem to get in those modes where I start to do something and remember something else I need to do so I start on it and then get interrupted.

It is lucky for me that My dentist gives me a reminder to come in or I would forget that. I went in recently for a teeth cleaning at Dental Estetic. The clinic’s website is

Dra. Miriam has been perfect for me because I typically have gum problems and she is better than any dentist I used in the US. Seems like the older I get, my teeth need more attention.

I also thought the other day that I need to take some time and drive around David and take some photos of all the construction going on. I am amazed with all the new activity.

I also have not been doing a very good job in taking photos of the gas prices. I will try to solve that problem soon.

I wonder what distractions I will have for the rest of the day that will prevent me from doing anything productive.

Medical and Dental Clinic

I received the following for posting:

Hi Mr. Williams,
Could you post this information regarding Luz Margalys Serrano.

While Medical and Dental tourism is becoming more popular in Panama, we’d like to reach out to local ex-pats who may be in need of top notch dental and general medical care.

Dr. Luz Margalys Serrano’s clinic in David ( offers dental services with skill and integrity. Her fees are more reasonable than most and you will find her command of English (as well as German) will make your visit to her office anxiety free….did we mention pain free??? Why not visit her web site to discover what is possible in state of the art dental care.

Dr. Migdalia Serrano offers general medical care and home visits in all of Chiriquí. Her practice focuses on the areas of hypertension, diabetes, minor surgery and gynecological services.

On a personal level I can attest to her thoughtfulness, compassion when I badly injured my ankle and needed immediate emergency care.

Dr Serrano instantly referred me to a most qualified orthopedist who took care of me within 15 minutes of my arrival in the at Mae Lewis Hospital.

Giny Israel

As I read the post, I realized that I knew both Doctors. Dr. Migdalia Serrano is the doctor I use for my GP. She is also the doctor I took The Juggler to that helped diagnose his serious problem and she assisted with his care until I could get him transported.

While I have never used Dr. Luz Margalys Serrano, because I have a dentist, I have talked to her several times when I have been in the office and can attest that her English is perfect. I dug through my card file and the back of the clinic card had a David map and I will attach it to the post.

Dental & Esthetic 4th Anniversary Special

I received the following message from my personal dentist, Dra. Miriam, at Dental & Esthetic:

In celebration of Dental & Esthetic’s 4th anniversary, for the next 45 days (Ends May 1, 2011) Dra. Miriam is offering a free General dental exam with her High Tech Video Camera, usually she charges $5 for this consultation.

In addition to the freebie and as part of the anniversary special, she has lowered her price for a cleaning from $40 to $30, please mention that you saw it here on Chiriquí Chatter, to receive the free consultation and/or reduced price for cleaning. You may also visit Dental & Esthetic online @:

Dental Esthetic is located at Plaza Mallorca on the ‘Via Rapida’ in David, Panama, for more information call 730-2826