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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

I received an email from Nick Miles who is the director of “The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare (Abridged), a production put on by the Theatre Guild of Ancon. He wanted me to make you aware that it is coming to Chiriquí.

This production will be in Boquete on March 26 after a 3 week engagement in Panama City. It will be in the Ampitheatre at Valle Escondido beginning at 5 PM. This is ONE SHOWING ONLY performance!

Just think the entire works of Bill Shakespeare in just 97 minutes. Ah poor Yorick, I knew him well.

For more information see their website for the Boquete performance.


Peligro Jazz Festival – Jazz in David, Chiriqui

There has been a growing interest in jazz among Valley of the Moon residents over the last 10 years.  It’s common to see jazz bands playing for diverse private events such as weddings and business gatherings in our area.   Chiriqui province is fortunate to have many exceptional local musicians worthy of recognition and a platform upon which to share their skills and talents.  For this reason, the initiative to organize a jazz festival in the provincial capital of David has emerged.   On behalf of Culturama International and Casa Cultural La Guaricha, I’d like to invite you to take part in the realization of David’s first annual jazz festival.   We are designating the event the Peligro Jazz Festival in honor of the city’s oldest barrio and the renovation process this historic sector is undergoing.

The Peligro Jazz Festival is intended to stimulate greater interest in jazz by showcasing local and national talent. We are hoping to develop the event through encouraging personal social responsibility amongst residents of our area.  The concept is nothing more than asking citizens to support the event.   By asking citizens to support this cause, we can make it happen.  The event will be financed through purchases of T-shirts, small donations, and attendance at the festival activities.  You will have multiple options for participation and we hope to count you among the festival’s patrons. Continue reading Peligro Jazz Festival – Jazz in David, Chiriqui

Boquete PhotoGrafia Exhibit

I received a request to post the following.

Boquete PhotoGrafia, has announced an upcoming exhibit at the Boquete Library over the holiday season. The show entitled “Images of Chiriqui” will open on December 6 and run through January 3, 2014.

Technical Advisor to the club, Robert Brauns, said the images in the show are the work of 11 local photographers who are members of the club. The photographs of landscapes, street scenes, people, wildlife, buildings and local events all capture the beauty and diversity of Chiriqui Province.

The public is invited to attend the grand opening of the exhibit on Friday, December 6 from 4PM to 6PM on the third floor of the library. Participating photographers will be available to explain their work and provide information about the club. Refreshments will be served.

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I know many tune in to Chiriquí Chatter to read something related to living in Panama. Sometimes they find it and sometimes they don’t.

It seems I get wrapped up in projects and, as is normal with AADD (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder), I start something and get distracted and get caught up in something else.

I have several such projects. This post is related to my current distraction (Apple TV and NetFlix).

Thanks to my friend Omar in Panama City, I activated my subscription to NetFlix and am in the free first month trial. I can already tell that it is a keeper.

I guess this is somewhat related to living in Panama because one of the questions I am asked the most by email is “What do you do for entertainment?”.

Certainly, there are many activities to do when away from home in Panama. There are a plenty of historical places to visit, many beautiful places to see and the challenge of learning to acclimate yourself into the culture of Panama.

Still you are going to need other entertainment as well. Intellectual entertainment may be more of a challenge in a country where English is not the primary language. When you go to movies in Panama, you will find some movies that are in English and are dubbed into Spanish. This is particularly true with children’s movies. Some will be in English with Spanish subtitles. Continue reading Stuff