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Mi Tio’s Place – Volcan

When I saw this Volcan Restaurant review, it made my mouth water. I decided to post it here for any Chiriquí Chatter readers that might be in the Volcan area. If you stop in, let me know if it is that good.

Mi+Tio's+Place+Menu“From time to time we come across something so fantastic that we are compelled to talk about it to others.  I have to let you know that this is one of those times.

Just recently I happen to be at Mi Tio’s Place (Formerly Il Forno’s Pizzaria) visiting with Joe and Jim.  Joe was celebrating his first opening week.  We were checking out the menu and looking at the specials when I realized that I had never tasted one of his pizzas.  As some of you know I am a pizza fanatic.  I love it.  Finding a fresh, high quality pizza pie in this area has proven to be quite a challenge.  A few friends happen to walk in to his place at that time to sit down and order a pie.  As we visited they shared a slice of Joe’s Melazane Pizza.  This pizza is a Vegeterian Pizza as it contains grilled eggplant, roasted garlic, tomato, mozzarella cheese, herbs, spices, and pizza sauce.  Not my first choice for a pie but how can I refuse.  The smells that were coming off of this pie were a treat all by themselves.  It was if a dance had begun and nothing else in the world mattered.  The star of the show was now sitting in the middle of the table and 3 pizza lovers were huddled around it in amazement.  As our mouths began to salivate we then began to tear apart this masterpiece of edible art.  Bite after Bite this pizza delivered.  From the rustic and traditional Italian crust that was hand formed to the toppings that were strategically placed on top, each bite brought a flavor of the Old Country to your mouth.

After finishing my one slice I jumped up from the table as if I had just come to grand realization.  “I NEED A PIE RIGHT NOW!!” I exclaimed.  How could I deprive my wife (who was at home) from this rare treat.  All of a sudden Jim said ,”No Problem!”.  5 minutes later the pie was ready!!!  We ate pizza that night and still talk about it today…

What makes Joe’s pizzas so special is that he uses his wood fired brick oven set at almost 700 degrees F.  They cook fast as he knows there are pizza lovers waiting in line to get his pies.

If you find yourself in Volcan and want a great treat to the palate go to Mi Tio’s Place (Formerly Il Forno’s Pizzaria).  It’s located off the main road in Volcan just past the police station.  Turn left at Fink’s Hardware store.  They are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm till 10pm and on Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

I have attached his menu.  Every week he also has specials to offer.  Be sure to stop by and say hi to Joe.  Tell him the Cajun sent you…”

Visiting Vicky and Jorge

Yesterday, we took a trip up to Volcan to see our good friends Vicky and Jorge. The last time we went to see them, they weren’t there because Vicky was getting hospital attention.

It was great to see her feeling chipper and her natural self again.

We arrived at noon and ate at Volcan Lodge (Vicky and Jorge’s Place). Talk about good food and the price could not be beat. For the price and the quality of the food we ate, it almost paid for the trip up there.

Of course seeing old friends is better than having a great meal, but toss in a great meal and you have an outstanding day.

DSC00999I ate a cheeseburger. This burger was huge. The meat extended off all sides of the bun.The lettuce and tomato were super fresh and it was cooked just the way I asked. This is the best burger I have had in the last two years. Continue reading Visiting Vicky and Jorge

Mana Deli & Coffee Shop – Volcan

DSC00856DSC00857When Heather was here, we made a trip up to Volcan and Cerro Punta. Before leaving we stopped into Mana Deli & Coffee Shop which used to be Daly’s. This is a second location owned by Jorge and Vicki of Volcan Lodge.

Oops. Ate most of it before taking the photo

We all had coffee and it was exceptional. It was a local coffee, but I didn’t get the name. I also ordered a piece of apple pie and it is probable the best piece of apple pie I have had in Panama. I was impressed to find out that Nicole was the artist of the pastries. I must compliment her the next time I see her.

Here are photos of the menu.


The only think I missed on this trip was getting to visit with Vicki and Jorge. Next time I will make sure they are in town.

Burger Match-up

Coming back from the Frontera, Lilliam and I drove up to Volcan to see Jorge and Vicki at the Volcan Lodge and eat at their Mana Restaurant.

I have been working on a Linux installation on a netbook of Jorge’s and had finally gotten it running and needed to return the netbook. Only took me two months. Hey. I am slowing down and besides, one month I was not in Panama.

Jorge had told me I needed to come try their hamburger and it would blow away the McDonald’s Premium Angus.

Here is Jorge’s burger. As you can see, it is huge.

Continue reading Burger Match-up

Valentines’s Day at Restaurante Mana at the Volcan Lodge

Received from Restaurante Mana in Volcan.

In order to accomodate our good friends and patrons that want to go to the fundraser on the 14th, we will be serving Valentines dinner on Sunday, February 13th. Please call with your reservations and we will accomodate you the best we can.

Just to clarify the issue of reservations. The reasons for asking you to call or email is so you can help us know how many people are coming and at what time since we have very limited seating. Last time we had Mary sing here, about 60+ people showed up almost all at the same time and people did not have a place where to sit and eat. Servers and the kitchen crew could not keep up. We thrive to give the best service possible. Reservations help us seat people at a good pace and help us know how much food to buy; this way we do not run out of food or over buy and have to throw it away. I will never try to hurry up anyone that comes here to eat and have a good time, we just try to accommodate everyone’s needs the best we know how to.
We are trying to organize the rooms so people can eat dinner in one room and move to another and dance and visit and have a good old time!
If anyone has good ideas to help us, please let us know. We like to hear solutions to a challenge!!!
Thank you for your understanding!!!


Glass of champagne or NA bubbly

Rose for the ladies

Tomato Soup

Mixed Green Salad

Intermezzo Maracuya Sorbet

Choice of: Lobster, Filet mignon, Chicken cordon blue, Vegetarian dish
Chocolate tart with chocolate covered strawberries

Jorge y Vicky
Restaurante Mana – Volcan
M.A.S.: Mana Assistance Services

Valley Of The Moon Restaurant – Volcan

A while back, on a trip to Volcan, I stopped into the Valley of the Moon restaurant. I had previously eaten so it was just an opportunity to see the restaurant, look at the menu and sample the cappuccino and pastry.

To get to the restaurant, on entering Volcan, turn left at the round restaurant on the left. There are signs pointing to the Valley of the Moon. I must admit that the road sucks, but it is passable if you drive slow. Maybe it is to give the impression of moon craters.

Here is a photo of the restaurant from the outside.

Here are a couple photos of the inside of the restaurant. There is plenty of seating outside too, but it was too cold to do that. The decor was extremely nice and the kitchen was immaculate. Continue reading Valley Of The Moon Restaurant – Volcan

A Thanksgiving option

A Thanksgiving option:

Please join us for Thanksgiving Dinner!

November 25th at 4pm or 6pm. Price is $12 per person.

Seating is limited and reservations are highly suggested in advance.

We will make it as home like as posible here in Volcan with a traditional
Turkey dinner:

Roasted Turkey or glazed jam (please let us know which one you would like or
Corn bread stuffing
Cranberry sauce
Corn on the cob
Green Bean caserole
Pumkin pie or sweet potato pie or pecan pie or apple tart (what ever fresh
products we can get at the stores)
A soft drink

Thank you,

Jorge and Vicky,
Ph: 771-4709
Cel: 6461-2970
Directions on the website:

Jorge y Vicky
Restaurante Mana – Volcan
M.A.S.: Mana Assistance Services