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Kaffas in David


Today for lunch I tried a new restaurant that has be open for a couple months. It is called Kaffas.

As you can see from the sign out front, they are offering lunch  from $2.75.

The menu contains simple foods including Hamburgers, pizzas, tacos, nachos, sandwiches and more.

They serve sodas, fruit drinks, beer and mixed drinks.

I had two soft beef tacos and enjoyed them. They were nice and spicy and had a good flavor. I will return to try more on their menu.

If you stop in, tell them you learned of them from Chiriqui Chatter. Click to look at the Google Map for the location, which adjacent to Parque de Madres.

Sabore’s in David


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I mentioned in my previous post, that I was going to visit a new Venezuelan restaurant, that I learned about from one of Dario’s students.

I was able to go yesterday evening. Sabore’s opens at 5:00PM and closes at 11:00 PM or a little later. This will make it a little tough for some of the CC readers that do not live in David. However, for those that live in David or who are visiting Chiriquí and spending time in a local hotel, this will be a treat.

The restaurant is owned and operated by a Venezuelan family. Sabore’s (Flavors) has some typical Venezuelan dishes (that you will only find here) and the rest of the menu , while not necessarily Venezuelan, is prepared with a Venezuelan flair.

IMG_0647The restaurant itself is a small restaurant with outside seating. It is clean, the food is tasty and best of all, it is a friendly place run by friendly people. There is nothing I would call fancy on the menu, just good eating.



IMG_0648I got there at 5:00PM and they were just getting ready for the evening crowd. I ordered quesadillas, which is obviously not Venezuelan, but was very tasty. I was prepared to order Cachapas, which is Venezuelan, but the specially made new corn tortillas were just being made and I decided they would be on my next trip with Lilliam.

I was told that one of the Cachapas, that many resident Venezuelans come to get, is the one with Queso Talita, which has a Venezuelan cheese. It is specially made by another local Venezuelan and only available here. It is pictured in the center of the menu under Cachapas.

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Another item on the menu, that is Venezuelan, is the pepitos. You will think of them as sandwiches, but I am told the style and flavor is typical Venezuelan.

I wish it was located a little closer to me, but I enjoyed myself enough that I will definitely return.

Before I left, I stopped and talked to the owner and chef. He recognized me from the past when I had visited Mrs. Mendozas, a Mexican restaurant (he was one of the owners, if I remember correctly). Mrs. Mendozas is now Gallardo’s.

I took this photo so you can get acquainted with the nice folks that are going to take care of you when you drop in. Remember to tell them you learned of Sabore’s from Chiriqui Chatter. Here is a Google Map.


Tops – Stylo & Sabor (Style & Taste)

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Saturday, Lilliam and I took Koki to Happy Pet to be bathed and groomed. Around the corner from Happy Pet is Tops – Stylo & Sabor.

I have watched the business being prepared and have wanted to visit it and thought now would be a good time.

Tops is owned and operated by Bill and Ana. They are committed to running a first class business. Currently they are open Tuesday through Sunday. The hours of operation follow.

It is a unique combination of an eatery and women’s clothing. The clothes were all high quality and reasonably priced. Many of the items are one of a kind. I took several photos of the women’s clothing area. Continue reading Tops – Stylo & Sabor (Style & Taste)

Rosita’s Pupusas Kitchen

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Last Saturday the bi-monthly WhatsApp message went out to get pupusas at Rositas. We made it over around 6. The rain had just stopped, but kids were still using the PaintBall area. Rain stops nothing in Panama.

We had ordered ahead and ours were ready when we got there. They were still hot when we got home.

I took a photo of the pupusas in different stages of readiness on the stove. Yummy! If you have the WhatsApp, you can message Rosita with your order on pupusas day at +507 64683910.

Remember to tell Rosita that you learned about her from Chiriquí Chatter.


Restaurante Mezcla Gourmet – Update

Lilliam and I ate at Mezcla Gourmet the other day. We both had the beef burgers. Both liked them. Lilliam took half for her supper. We also tried one of the brownies. Very good. I came close to trying the cuatro leches (Yes, it was cuatro and not tres), but went for the brownie.

The real purpose for this update is to let you know that the organic market, that I wrote about in the first post, has been removed. The space have been changed to more seating.

I took a photo. I thought the seat cushions were neat made out of blue jeans. The cushions were very gentle on my bottom. Probably more information than you wanted to know.


Restaurante Mezcla Gourmet – Revisited

Lilliam is currently in Panama City. She always leaves me with a list:

“Remember to keep the doors locked”
“Remember not to open the door for anyone”
“Remember not to take Koki out after dark”.
“Remember to turn the alarm on”
“Remember to take your pills and vitamins”
“Remember to drink your coffee – I put it here!” ( I get a headache if i miss a day of coffee in the morning. “Here is everything you need to fix your breakfast”.

Now you know why the ship stays on course. She always leaves me with plenty of food that is easy to prepare and I say “Thank you” and then do like I did this morning.

I get up and visit one of the breakfast options in David. Now why would I want to wash my own dishes?

This morning I decided to revisit Mezcla Gourmet. I remembered from my first visit that they opened at 7:00AM. I got there around 7:50 AM and they were still opening and said after watching their traffic, decided to begin serving at 8:00. I will adjust the times in the original post.

The owner was there and said he had had a lot of guests that said they had come because of the Chiriquí Chatter post. Thank you or letting him know.

He had read the original post where I mentioned that I hadn’t seen any pastries on the menu. He said after reading that, he had added brownies, tres leches, and I saw a nice cheese cake. All prepared by his kitchen.

Today, I ordered the Mezcla Omelette, which had a blend of vegetables, turkey, and cheese. I also ordered a hojaldra (fried bread – one of my Panamanian favorites for breakfast).

I also ordered coffee (I remembered Lilliam!) and it was excellent. I hadn’t noticed last time, but they have a special machine for their coffee drinks that they got from Panama City. It uses special pods for coffee, cappuccino, etc, and the flavor of this coffee was perfect for me.

I will have to try their cappuccino and brownie next time.

It was a great breakfast to start off my day. The omelette was almost as good as the ones Lilliam makes. You think I am crazy enough to say it was better?

Here is a photo of my breakfast this morning minus a photo of the coffee.
A Google Map to Mezcla Gourmet is in the original post.

Paint Ball and Pupusas

Yesterday I received a WhatsApp message, from Rosita, that it was the day for Pupusas. We went over around 6:00 PM.

On the premises is also a Paint Ball game area. There were a bunch of students waiting to play. I went over and asked who was better the guys or the girls. The girls claimed they were better.

I took a photo of them prior to them entering the gaming area. After I took their photo they wanted a photo with me.

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

They were having a special school party and that was why they were.

They were all good kids and I enjoyed talking to them.

Several people who had been there in the past did not recognize where the entry was. It is to the left of the paintball gaming area and the house with the pupusas is behind the gaming area.

Don’t forget to get on Rosita’s WhatsApp notification list if you want to know the day of pupusas.

Broaster Chicken in David

If you are from the U.S. you may have eaten Broaster Chicken. It has been a long time since I have had it.

Well, I have good news for you. You can now get it in David.

JewelBerry – who is famous for their frozen yogurt, now has the Broaster Chicken franchise for Panama.

The process, that Broaster chicken uses, delivers fried crispy chicken that contains 40% less grease than the techniques used by McDonald’s, KFC, PriceSmart or any of the other chicken places in David.

The chicken is absolutely fabulous. We went by one day this week and it was so good I returned the next day to get take home.

They also have a great slaw and potato wedges with a dipping sauce for the potatoes. The chicken is always fresh and they are not cooking it ahead to maintain the quality. It should never be longer than a 15 minute wait and it is well worth the wait.


If you want to call ahead the number is 788-8400. Remember to tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

This is by far the best fried chicken in David! Here is a Google Map.