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Last Day in La Palma

All good things must end and this trip is no exception. I have had an extremely good time. I have seen glorious sites. I have eaten great food, and I have been with wonderful people. I was able to get some reading done and even some technical activity.My hosts had recently gotten connected to the Internet. That explains how I made a couple ACS posts while I was out. When I looked at their system, I noticed that their anti-virus software has expired several years ago. I also noticed that they were several years behind in Windows XP upgrades. I updated all the software to current versions. I also downloaded AVAST anti-virus and installed it.
What a great time I had on my trip to Costa Rica. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

When I walked outside on this last day, I found this fellow waiting for me. I think he is saying, “Isn’t it time you went back to where ever you came from?”
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Osa Palmas Bar and Restaurante in La Palma Costa Rica

Our outing for today will be to go to the Osa Palmas restaurant in La Palmas. Some one will have to tell you how to drive there, because the are no sign, but La Palma is small and everyone will know where it is.The restaurant is located at the top of of one of the largest hills and has a good view of the Pacific. The drive up the the winding road will convince you that you don’t want to be having a lot of drinks and driving back after dark.

Following is the entrance to the restaurant.
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