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A First For Me

I receive many emails from followers of Chiriquí Chatter. Every now and then one will say they are going to be in Chiriquí and would like to meet me. I always try to accommodate the request if I am in town.

A few weeks ago I received such a request, but it had a twist. The reader wrote and said his wife was going to be in Bugaba visiting family and he wanted her to meet me. I wrote back that I should be in town and gave him my cell number so she could call me.

Last week she called me and we set up to meet at a restaurant in Bugaba on Monday of this week.

Before I get to the rest of my story, let me tell you about the restaurant. It is a small Panamanian owned restaurant called “ta ChiLi”. HERE is a google map to the location.  It is adjacent to the Borinquito Park.

Apparently it is well known by the locals and I understand that people love to go there just to get the Chicheme. That is a favorite corn drink in Panama.

Here is a photo of the menu. As you can see it has a Mexican flair and the prices are very reasonable! Continue reading A First For Me

Gringos Restaurant

Wednesday, Lilliam and I had to run up to the Frontera. We returned around 11:30, just in time for lunch at Gringos. I may be the last Gringo, in Chiriquí, to visit Gringos. I know I promised a Google Map on my announcement post, but yesterday, it completely slipped my mind.

Gringo's RestaurantIt is easy to find. As you drive toward Concepcion from David, just keep your eyes peeled for a brightly colored water wheel in the photo to the right. When you see it, you will be there. If you get to the city, you went to far. The photo was facing in the David direction.

Here is a photo of the front of the restaurant.

Gringo's Restaurant

Continue reading Gringos Restaurant

Restaurante Aztec Revisited

On January 24, we went to Restaurante Aztec in Concepcion for breakfast. This is a new Mexican food restaurant and I vowed to return for lunch one day. That day was yesterday.

We had several errands to run and didn’t get to the restaurant until about 1:00 PM and there was a healthy crowd already filling most of the outside tables. That is always a good sign when you see plenty of people stopping at a restaurant to eat. You can refer to the previous post to see what is on the menu and for directions to the restaurant.

The three of us all ordered something different. Natalie ordered Sincronizadas pictured below.

Natalie said she liked the flavor. I didn’t try them, but they looked good to me.

Lilliam ordered the burritos pictured below. Continue reading Restaurante Aztec Revisited

Restaurante Azteca in Concepcion

Saturday we went to Concepcion for Breakfast at a new restaurant that has been open for about three weeks. It is Restaurante Azteca and is on the left side of the road that goes toward Volcan. Turn of the InterAmerican highway and go toward Volcan. Watch on the left and you will see the restaurant shown in the following photo.

The restaurant is run by Jose and Olga.

Jose said “Mi restaurante es su casa.” He also said if you don’t see what you want on the menu, ask him and if they can make it , then they will make it for you. That is what I call hospitality. Continue reading Restaurante Azteca in Concepcion

Restaurant Azteca in Bugaba

I received the following email from a Chiriquí Chatter reader. Looks like I am going to have to find a reason to drive to Bugaba.

From……: Gene

The Steak House Restaurant is now operated by Jose,Olga and Pepe Manuel and called the Restaurant Azteca, specializing in Mexican food. Olga is of Mexican heritage and makes her own salsas and other items in the kitchen, much of it organically grown on their farm. Prices range from $3.00 for an order of 3 quesadillas to $8.00 for a fillet with vegetables and potatoes.

They also serve breakfast in the $4.00 range, Spanish ommlet, pork chop, toast (yes toast) and coffee.

The prices below are from memory;
National beer….75 cents
Imported Mexican beer…$1.75
Margarita with Cuervo Reserve and Olga’s home made juice…$2.50 (KILLER)
Garlic shrimp meal…$5.00

Many other things on the menu!!!

They have a menu both in Spanish and English.
Jose and Pepe speak English, maybe Olga as well but she was doing “woman’s work” preparing salsas and her secret Margarita mix, did I mention it is KILLLER?

Hours of operation from 8:00am to 11:00pm 7 days a week.

For those of you coming from David, turn right as if you were coming to Volcan, 1.7 km on your left, in front of Bugabeno Country Club. Ample parking is available in the open field just to the North of the restaurant.

The restaurant is well worth the trip or the stop if you are going to or coming from David. Did I mention the margarita is KILLER !!!!!

Ask Jose to show you his photographs of Bamboo construction he has worked on, especially if you need another house, I think you will find it amazing!!!

Chiriquí Restaurants

In an effort to provide one place to see the restaurants I have been to in Chiriquí, I am starting this post. I will put a link in the Link area for Chiriquí Restaurants so that this post can be located easily. I will try to keep it current and remove restaurants that are no longer in business and add new restaurants that open that I have gone to.

As a note, the following will provide links to posts I have done on each restaurant. I will make an attempt to have the URL point to a post that has directions. There may be more than one post for any restaurant in the blog. I have tried to connect all posts to other posts by either a reference in the post or there will be a comment that will point to another post. By visiting other posts on the same restaurant, you will have an opportunity to see more of the food offerings that I have sampled.

This is not a perfect system, but this is a blog and not a Yellow Pages. As with all posts in a blog related to restaurants, they age and sometimes the quality of the restaurant’s offerings are not the same. Some restaurants improve and some don’t. If you go to any restaurant below, a comment on the most recent post might help other readers know how that restaurant is doing. At least then, all opinions will not be just mine. Many people have different tastes than I do.

Also, if there are restaurants that I haven’t been to that have been reviewed on another blog, I will be happy to list it with a link to that blog’s post. I trust most blogs more than I do ads.

FINAL NOTE: Any posts that contain menus and prices were current at the time of the post. The primary reason to show the menu is to give you an idea of what is served at the restaurant. Please do not bad mouth the restaurant because they may have changed the menu contents or prices. Continue reading Chiriquí Restaurants

Finca Santa Marta

At the end of last month, my friend Ron invited me to go see his finca. I went and managed to get in an entire month’s worth of exercise in a single morning. Ron has a beautiful location that he is going to turn into a model farm.

I will post only a few of the photos in this post. All other photos will be in an album at the end of the post..

To get to the area where these photos were taken, you had to walk down a winding road, that was what you might call challenging.

This first photo is of a small water fall that was hidden behind some trees on a hillside.
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