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Mara Pan in David

A recent comment reminded me that I hadn’t posted the following photos. I stopped in Mara Pan the other day. This is one of the best pandarias in David. Their cakes are as good as I think you can buy here. They make a cake called Flan Escondido (Hidden Flan) that is really special.

Here is a photo of one of their cake cases from the other day. The brown cake in the center is a German Chocolate cake and I wanted to buy it.

The next special occasion, I am going to pick one up. It was priced at $14.00. Here is a closer look.

While I think their bread is good by David standards, it is still basic white bread to me.

Mara Pan is located on the same street as IDAAN, but in the previous block.

Pasteleria Alemana in Boquete

The last stop for the day was the Pasteleria Alemana in Boquete. This is a really neat little place that I always stop at for two things. The first is the strawberry tart with whipped cream. You guessed it. Camera only allowed the photo above, but trust me, buy the tart.

The other thing I always buy is a bag if the chocolate chip cookies. Today I only managed the tart and a hot chocolate because someone beat me to all of the cookies. Shame on whoever you are.

Molde de Anis

One of the things I really didn’t like about Super Baru was its bread. I thought it was about the worst bread in the world. If I needed bread for the morning, I would just almost do without as opposed to buying the Super Baru bread.

Now El Rey is a different story. They have good bread. Whether it is the regular bread in the bread aisle or the specialy bread. I really like the Molde de Anis. It has an aroma that is grteat when it is coming out of the toaster. Yummmm.

Time For A Breather. I Need A Donut!

I think I had mentioned that there aren’t many choices to get a good donut in David. I have found two that I like. One was the Panadería Esperanza and this is the other. I used to stop everyday at the Ely next to Oteima and get my donut fix taken care of. This one is a little closer to my home. Now they only make one kind of donut. It is a plain donut with sugar sprinkled all over. Dunkin Donuts is in Panama City, but not in David. If you have someone coming from PC, ask them to bring you a dozen. If you don’t, then this is a good stop.
Ely Bakery

Banana Bread Binge

I was so depressed that Plaza El Terronal probably won’t open this year that I had to stop into my favorite bakery and have some banana bread. This bakery is the best I have been to. It is small, but everything is great. It is about a block north of the new plaza on the left side of the road. Panderia La EsperanzaI have stopped by in the morning and bought some of their chicken empanadas and other breakfast goodies. I have been there after lunch and bought some cream filled donuts and in the afternoon around 3:00 they put out bread and talk about good. I just shouldn’t stop there when I am hungry or depressed.