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Boulangerie French Bakery Revisited

After having some receiving comments on an old post, that I had on the Boulangerie Bakery, I decided to revisit it and see if it compared to my previous visit.

The case was filled with many items and I chose several to take home. I also picked up a loaf of bread.

Over the next two days they were consumed. Everything I bought was great. I liked the bread and the cinnamon rolls I got really hit the spot.

Overall I felt that it was as good as the first time I visited it. Here is a Google Map to the bakery.

For All You Meat lovers in Boquete

I found out about this and I am not going to be able to attend in August. However, I thought some of my Boquete readers might be able to stop by and I will enjoy it vicariously through them

Meat Festival

at Finca Lérida Boutique Hotel

The finest selection of imported and national meat cuts is awaiting for you at the Monniche Restaurant every weekend of August.  Our guest Chef Jorge Jurado** and our Executive Chef Gean Saldaña will prepare exquisite dishes with the freshest ingredients from our Organic Garden.

Try the New York Stake, Ribeye, Baby Back Ribs, Lamb and Stakes seasoned and prepared to delight your palate !

We will also be offering our Signature Cocktails !


Every weekend of August


US$ 35 + 7% per person, all meat you can eat


Friday and Sunday    Starting at 5:00 p.m.

Sunday                       Starting at 12:00 p.m.


Monniche Restaurant at Finca Lérida

Alto Quiel, Boquete

For Reservations call 720-1111 or email us

If you stop in, tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Panaderia California in Volcan

I don’t know where this bakery is, but I want to find it the next time I go to Volcan. They make the best butter cookies I have ever had. I bought two bags the other day and had I known how good they were, I would have bought a bunch more. They are thin and crisp and really yummy. I wish the also made molasses crispy cookies too.

Panadería Renata in Boquete

Can you say YUMMY?

I have been told that the best bakery shop in all of Panama is now open in Boquete. I tried it out on Sunday. It is called Panadería Renata. The owners are from Germany and the desserts are from heaven.

It has a nice little area inside to relax and try some of the best tasting desserts and cappuccino you will ever have tried.

Here are a few of the things that will tempt you. Not to worry, all pastries are low in calories. First is a mandarin pineapple flan cake. YUM! The person that ordered it said it was the best things she had tasted since moving to Panama. Continue reading Panadería Renata in Boquete

Panderia El Mana

A couple of days ago as I was leaving the Gringos of David get together, I remembered a panderia that Vicky of Restaurante Mana had told me about. She told me they had the best rolls and bread in David.

Here is a photo of the store front.

I bought orejas and almost every roll and bread they made.

So far, I would have to agree with Vicky. It is the best bread I have found in David. I especially like some little rolls that are Colombian and almost melt in your mouth.

Here are a couple photos of the bread case. Continue reading Panderia El Mana

Yummy! Yummy!

Saturday, while I was taking photos inside of Passarela, I met Hubi. He came in with two covered cake containers with goodies that he and his wife Marggie make. You can mistake Hubi and his German accent for being Panamanian.

I was surprised. I thought I knew every place in David that prepared dulces such as these. Wrong. I had not heard of La Hacienda del Sabor.

The following photo is of two types of quiche. I took one of each. I had them for supper on Saturday night and they were as good as I have ever had. Being from Germany, Hubi know how to make good quiche and pastries.

Here are several of the desserts that Hubi had brought with him. Continue reading Yummy! Yummy!

This and That

I have been busy, but I can’t see any evidence of why. I know that this week, I haven’t posted much. Just haven’t had my heart in it. I have been continuing to eat (surprise) and do have some information that may be of interest.

Last Friday, we decided to go back to Las Brasas. The main craving, that pointed me there, was to have another slice of cheese cake. As luck would have it, they were out of cheese cake. Chino, was happy to see us and mentioned that a few people had stopped in and said hello to him.

I ordered Costillitas de cerdo ahumadas. I expected to get charcoaled ribs with a bar-b-que sauce. Since this was a spur of the moment thought to go there, I didn’t take my camera, but luckily, my cell phone was able to take a reasonable photo.

As you can see, these were not the traditional ribs I was expecting. I would describe it as a ham steak. Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, I thought it was extremely good. The charcoal flavor was very, very good and I was not disappointed. Continue reading This and That