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Volcan Quilters – Grand Opening of new facility

I received a request to post the following:

Volcan Quilters o Acolchado de Volcan

Open House Saturday December 5 from 2-5 pm
On Saturday, December 5, we are celebrating the grand opening of our new facilty with an open house. There will be refreshments, door prizes, lots of conversation and beautiful items for sale to ise for Christmas presents and Mother’s Day. Tickets are $2.00 and enter you in the drawing for the prizes.
gran inauguración.

El sábado, 5 de diciembre celebramos la inauguración de nuestro nuevo facilty con una jornada de puertas abiertas. Habrá refrigerios, premios, mucha conversación y hermosos artículos para la venta a ise para los regalos de Navidad y el Día de la Madre. Los boletos cuestan $ 2.00 y que entran en el sorteo de los premios.

WE have moved into Volcan. We are located behind the elementary school on the main street. Turn right or left on the street between the school and Farmacia Don Bosco. A park is directly ahead of you As you face the fire station, which is across the park, we are the large green building on the right-hand corner of the park.

Hemos entrado en Volcán. Estamos ubicados detrás de la escuela primaria en la calle principal. Gire a la derecha o a la izquierda en la calle entre la escuela y Farmacia Don Bosco. Un parque está justo delante de ti. Cuando te enfrentes a la estación de bomberos, que está al otro lado del parque, somos el gran edificio verde en la esquina derecha del parque. Estaremos allí casi todos los días durante unas horas hasta que nos organizamos.

Marianne Brown

Crime Awareness at the Chiriquí Flea Market

An email I just received.

Hi Don Ray,

Preparations are nearly complete for our crime awareness rally this Sunday, although I can use more volunteers between 9:30 and 1pm. (Volunteers only need to take the questionnaire on the clipboard with pen provided, and say “disculpe” to Panamanians as they are on the property, and ask them to look at the crimes committed and ask them to please fill in the questionnaire.) Oh, and then I will take the results, and make copies for, all the government officials to see; Dipuda Athena Athanasiadis, Mayor of Dolega, Governor of Chiriquí, etc.


This is the program, very simple, mostly aimed at Panamanian citizens:

I will have the following 2 lists in Spanish:
1. Crimes committed in Chiriquí 2015
2. Questionnaire to citizens about crime, their awareness, and what to do to change it. Here they are in English:


1. Caldera murder and home invasion – August
2. 2014 Food Box robbery – Volcancito
3. 9 year old kid around Super 99 road in David shooting the shop owner
4. Recent robbery in David at the Do It center
5. Home invasion and attempted murder in Potrerillos
6. Home invasion and injuries by pistol in Potrerillos
7. Robbery in Brisas about a month ago (stole electronic stuff)
8. Robbery in Skateworld about a month ago
9. Robbery of people we know in Gualaca a week ago
10. Attempted break in in Palmira
11. Robbery in Potrerillos – $1000 tools taken from a friend’s house – September
12. Robbery at Handicap Center – September
13. A couple robbed of household belongings and 2 dogs, Boquete
14. Armed robbery of the owners of the Fish House in Jaramillo Centro
15. A couple robbed at gunpoint in Santa Lucia
16. An indigenous guy in Jaramillo – sister in law returning from her job in Boquete and was attacked near Romeros (she later died)
17. Beverly Hills Garden – Los Algarrobos – October – robbery of $1500 from staff and clients
18. Los Algarrobos, Panamanian family theft of jewelry and 2 laptop computers – no one home


Are you aware of all the current crime?
Are you aware of the ages of the offenders?
Many are underage – should they be prosecuted like an adult, released to their parents, and/or wear an ankle band with a chip in it and be forced to do public work?
Do you have a legal weapon at home for protection?
What are your suggestions for keeping a safe neighborhood?

Do you have boat horns or other devices to warn neighbors?
In the last year or two have you been affected by home invasions?
Have you ever been broken into? With violence?
Neighborhood in which you live.
What was the follow up?
Did police respond and was anyone caught?
If so, who?
How were they dealt with?
Should the law be changed to allow minors (under 18) to work legally?

Name________________________________________ Cedula#________________________________

(Thank you for your participation; your responses will be delivered to the proper government authorities so your voices can be heard)

Linda Pedersen If you want to help please call me at 6503-7756

Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

I received the following request.

Request…Would you please run the following in Chiriqui Chatter?
Thank You..Dale & John
– – – –

Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

The Ambassadorial section of the US Embassy in Panama has the ability to address security problems of US Citizens with the Panamanian government. ( Likewise, other ex-pats living in Panama have their own Embassy officials they can contact with regards to their safety concerns. )

· As US Citizens living in the extended Boquete areas of Panama we can collectively present “our security and safety issues” to our US Ambassador in Panama.

· We can present the crime statistics and the opinion of our local police officials regarding the youth who are committing these life threatening home invasion crimes against American Citizens living in the extended Boquete area… and why the capture, arrest and release without prosecution of these criminals continues to encourage these violent crimes against American Citizens.

· If correctly presented, we feel working via our Embassy is the most effective means of motivating the Panamanian government to change its laws concerning under-age offenders committing the life threatening crimes against Americans…not only in the extended Boquete area but throughout all of Panama.

· We feel a group of concerned citizens (consisting of Americans living in the extended Boquete area) need to develop a proposal for the Warden to consider presenting to our Ambassador.

· Once the Warden is in agreement we anticipate the Warden (possibly accompanied by a few delegates) will need to meet with our US Ambassador (or their appointee) in Panama City to present our concerns.

· … American Citizens living in other regions of Panama can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion
… Ex-pats from other countries living in the extended Boquete area (and other regions of Panama) can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion.
Dale Jackson & John Sandeen

PriceSmart Security

We had to go to PriceSmart today and one thing I noticed was additional private security walking throughout the store.

I stopped and talked to one. I mentioned it had been about two months since I went to PriceSmart and asked if that was because of an increase in Crime.

The answer was yes. An example was females would come in with an empty purse and steal cell phones, food and other items. Then they would leave and have a taxi waiting outside.

He talked about minors being arrested and in three months they would be back on the street.

Crime is affecting the entire population and signs are visible everywhere, as demonstrated by the increase in security in PriceSmart.

WhatsApp Neighborhood Networks

As a result of my previous robbery post, I am going to talk about the WhatsApp application again. My neighborhood, and many other neighborhoods, are using this smart phone application as a means to quickly and easily notify neighbors with information.

One of the uses is alerts about crimes or potential crimes.

Suspicious people in our neighborhood will have their photos distributed immediately, asking if they are known by someone living in the neighborhood and should they be here.

With a few clicks, messages can be distributed to friends, family, clubs, and neighborhood watch groups, etc.

If your response is that you don’t have a smart phone, my response to you is “get one”. This is becoming technology that may save your life.

Besides a smart phone, you will need to have a data plan with a mobile carrier. They cost no more than $15/month or less. With that, you have access to the internet from your smart phone, even if your electricity is turned off in your house.

In this current situation, the individual could have sent a message simply saying, “I hear noises in my house and am going to check”. Then the person could shout in the house, “ I have notified neighbors and police , if someone is in the house, now is your time to leave”. Of course the verbal notification should be spoken in Spanish.

Now, if something does happen, there is a recorded timeline of the occurrence. If there is nothing going on, a followup “All Clear” message can be sent out.

I recommend that all bedrooms be safe rooms, meaning that they can be locked. If you think something is possibly going on in another part of your domicile, you should not leave your safe room until you KNOW it is safe.

WhatsApp is not a complete solution, but it is one that should be in your arsenal. You should have several of the following items as well (dogs, bars on the windows, alarms, cameras, membership of neighborhood watch groups, a buddy that checks on you at some given frequency).

You can’t eliminate crime in the Panama, but you can prepare for its occurrence.

Missing Girls in Boquete, Panama

HERE is a FaceBook page on the two girls.


After not returning from their hike on Tuesday the 1st of April, 2014, both Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremer have been missing in the area of Boquete Panama. We are unable to get in contact with them and no one knows were they might be. If you know something about their current whereabouts or if you have seen Lisanne and/or Kris lately please let us know. How minor the details may seem everything can help us. Please post your feedback on this Facebook page or send us an email on Thank you very much. Martijn Froon, brother of Lisanne.

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Report: 12/26/2011

Potrerillos was anything but quiet this Holiday season as several attempted Burglaries occurred throughout the Township including suspicious activities and a case of animal cruelty.

New Case:

On Wednesday 21 December 2011 a long time Panamanian resident returned from a day of shopping for Christmas Gifts for her family only to discover that her home was damaged in what was determined to be an attempted burglary.  Information provided indicates that the perpetrators were unsuccessful in gaining access to the residence however they did unfortunately poisoned the family dog in perpetration of the crime.   Additional facts gathered reviled that the victim opted not to report this incident to the Local Authorities so no follow-up Police investigation occurred.

A crime not reported is a crime that never happened.

Next New Case:

Continue reading Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Report: 12/26/2011

Your Comment Might Help Answer This Email

I received the following email. If you have experience in this area, I am sure Christine would like to hear it.

From……: Christine Ward

We will be visiting Panama around the beginning of September, with a view to retiring there in 2010 (Chiriqui area).

Our Daughter and her family will be moving with us, and I would be interested in getting information re how suitable this area is for young families.

If anyone currently living in this area would be kind enough to contact me I would be very grateful

Great Web site, keep up the good work

Chiriquí Chatter Chat and Request Feature

Ok, I don’t know if this will say around, but I have added a “Chat” and “Request” feature to Chiriquí Chatter. If I have turned the feature on you will see an image at the bottom right of the sidebar that says “Click for live help” in that area. That isn’t probably the best image to display, but until I see if this is worth the effort that is what it will say.

If I am out and about and not online, then you will see a “Leave Message” in that area.

Clicking on either area will activate a java window, which will take a message in the event I am out or open a chat window if I am not talking to someone else.

The reason I am trying this function it to allow requests to be made for articles, questions on how to use the blog and see previous postings, or just to say “hello”.

I have only set it up to talk to one person at a time, so there is a possibility you might try to chat when I am talking to someone else. In that case feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you.

Note: this feature is in a test environment, so don’t expect for it to be flawless..