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First Crack At Jalbum

Today, I loaded the first album that I converted using Jalbum. In 2005 I took a little trip to Lima, Peru and I thought the photos would be a suitable test.

Creating this album couldn’t have been much easier. Coppermine required me to upload 5 photos at a time. Where this album took about 30 minutes to build, including uploading all the photos to my host, Coppermine would have taken me all day.

Jalbum, with this skin, provided animation, music, watermarking and a lot of options I didn’t need. You can see the new album HERE.

Let me know what you think of Jalbum and the photos I posted.

Chiriquí Chatter Other

I was just looking at the Chiriquí Chatter Photo Album and see that there have been 97940 viewings of the 2587 photos in the albums. The albums are organized by year and then by category withing year. If you have seen Boquete recently, you might like to see its photos in 2003 before the enormous change hit. If you click on the photos in the album, you will see a larger photo.

There is also a Chiriquí Chatter YouTube area that contains many videos of parades and other events that have occurred in Panama that I captured.

This may be my last non-scheduled post for a few days. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Make sure to give those you love the hugs and kisses they deserve.

Don Ray

Putting Things In Focus

If you are moving to Panama, make sure you have invested in a good digital camera. There is so much beauty and items of interest in Panama, that you will kick yourself if you don’t have a camera. Personally, I think that in today’s world it makes sense to have more than one camera. I have two.

My first camera is a Canon A85 and it does a great job in all conditions. It is easy for even a novice to use and with its small size it is less of a nuisance to carry around.
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Chiriquí Chatter Photo Albums

The Chiriquí Chatter photo albums, with the latest additions, have over 1,700 photos and has been viewed over 48,000 times. It is organized by year and then albums within that year. The first year of photos is 2003. You can see many changes in Boquete when you compare the 2003 photos to what is in Boquete today.

While many of the photos appear in the daily blog, there are many that only are in the albums. The photo albums can be accessed by the tab at the top of the web page or by clicking here.

The best Boquete Flower photos are probably contained in the 2005 album. That was the year of the major rain/flood and within hours of the photos, most of the flowers were damaged.
I try to keep the album up to date and photos are added on a frequent basis.

Chiriquí Chatter Photo Albums

I use a product called Coppermine for the home of the Chiriquí Chatter photo albums.

It is organized by year and within year by album. The navigation of Coppermine is not the most intuitive. The 2006-year has flowed over into the second page of albums and they are easily overlooked.

I just thought I would mention that in case you hadn’t spent too much time in the photo albums. Many of the photos that are in the blog are in the photo album, but in a larger format. In case someone would like a particular photo in the native form, which is pretty large, all you have to do is ask. I have no problem sending you one as long as it is not going to be used for commercial purposes.

The albums also have photos that are not contained in the blog. Some albums contained too many photos and what appeared in the blog was a subset. I also have an album of photos I took on a trip to Lima Peru. Enjoy.

There is a tab on the blog to the photo albums and a tab in the photo albums to the blog.

Dixon Hamby’s Photo Website

I have added a new photo site to the Chiriqui Chatter Link area. It is Dixon Hamby’s Website. Dixon describes himself this way:

I am a freelance photographer whose work has been published in numerous publications, calendars and web sites including International Living, One Day in Washington, Guitar Player, Gibson Guitars, Town&Country, Living Buddhism, PhotoMedia, The Stranger, Living Buddhism, The World Tribune and The Seikyo Shinbun newspapers. Presently living in Panama.”

Currently he is featuring photos he took in Casco Antiguo in Panama City. Take a stroll with Dixon through the old streets of Panama.
Casco Antiguo by Dixon Hamby

I also chose another area he has of people and this particular photo is the traditional Panamanian dress that you will often see in folkloric ballet.
Panamanian Dress by Dixon Hamby

If you want to se some photos taken by a true professional, visit Dixon’s site.

It Is Hard To Find Good Help These Days

I just realized that when I upgraded the Chiriqui Chatter Photo album software and reorganized it, I forgot to see what links to the album I had in previous posts and update the pointers as well.

I found several references that are no longer correct. I think I have found them all, but if you find a bad reference, I would appreciate a note and I will correct the error.

I may need to give myself a raise to do a better job. I know I can’t fire myself. It is hard to find good help these days.