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I get a lot of comments or questions by way of an email. That is fine. I respond to all emails that I receive. A lot of times I feel that the comment or question would benefit others, if it had been placed as a comment tied to post that it is related to. After thinking about it, I have concluded that maybe it is not evident to the readers how they can leave a comment. For people who read a lot of Blogs, it is second nature, because most blogging systems work similarly. However, I think a lot of people that find Chiriquí Chatter, do so because they are researching Panama and considering it as a retirement location. Therefore, this may be the first blog that some people will read.

With that premise, let me try to explain some things about how WordPress handles posts and comments. Since Blogs are like journals, then all new posts push down the previous posts. You may read something and wish you could have a friend read it, so you write them tell them to read Sure enough it is a few days later before your friend stops by and the post of the day is nothing related to whatever the post was you were telling them about.

To solve this problem, the blogging software uses something called permalinks. This is URL address that is related to the individual post that will never change. To get a permalink address from my blog here is what you do. Take this post. It has the heading “Blog Tips” at the top of the post. If you pass the cursor over the title it will change colors. If you click on the title then the browser will bring up that individual post and the address that shows up in the browser is the address that should be sent to the person for that post. If you look at “Disarranging Mine”, a blog I read, it uses a different system. At the bottom of each of Marie’s posts you will see the time that she posted it. If you click on the time, that is its permalink address.

Next at the end of a post on Chiriquí Chatter, you will see “Posted in xxxx”, where xxxx is a category or multiple categories. Clicking on the category will do the same as clicking on a category on the right side of the blog page. It will bring up all posts that were marked with that category. If you want to see all posts on “Hotels” then click on that category. If you want to read all of my Poems, then click on that category.

Lastly, following the category you will see a vertical bar and either “No Comments” or “xx Comments” where xx is the number of comments that have been left for that post. To read the comments or to leave a comment just click on the “No Comments” of “xx Comments”. That will do the same, as clicking on the Permalink and you will be presented with the post and a window at the bottom of the post to leave your comment. Sometimes I feel that the comments I receive are more important than the post itself. When you agree or disagree with the post, leave a comment. It may help others. You may notice some time passing before your comment appears. This is a safeguard from spam comments coming in. In this particular post, I have used a special command to prevent the entire post from filling the front page of the blog. Because of that you see “Continue Reading”. When you click on that, it will bring up the entire post with the comment window.

I appreciate seeing comments. It is good feedback for me. Sometimes a comment may spark an idea for another post. Sometimes it may cause me to rethink what I have written. When it comes to Panama, I try to write a balanced view of how I see things. If you have a different experience than I have had, tell others via a comment.

If you have a question that is not related to anything that you have seen written, then feel free to write an email. If I think the question and answer are beneficial to other readers, I may write a post related to the subject.

It you have taken the time to read this post, then thanks for dropping in. By the way – Leave a comment. 🙂

179 thoughts on “Blog Tips

  1. I was happy to find this site, but see it is not used that much now….most being older blogs.
    I plan to go to the Tuesday meet, but not sure where exactly it is.

  2. I am not sure how this site could be much more active than it is,

    The Tuesday meeting is in Boquete. If you can find Boquete, I am sure someone will direct you to the BCP.

  3. Mr. Ray,

    My name is Karla Serrano, I am currently working in MD, USA. I would like to know if this school has the same calendar schedule (August thru June) than the schools in USA. My daughters need to travel to Chiriqui, but the schools here require them to get enrolled in a school there for the time they will be out of USA. I will really appreciate your response .
    If your answer is yes, I would like to know the possibility to have them enrolled for a period of 6 weeks. Then, I would like about the fees for their enrollment. One is attending 7th grade and the other one is in 4th grade.

    Thanks, and I am looking forward to hear from you.

  4. Is there any news about the David airport Reno Being complete?
    Is there any word on what airline or where the jet will fly out of. When we might start receiving direct flights from Houston or Miami?

    Shawn Money

  5. Hi Don,
    I have been trying to remember to post that, for whatever reason, the “glitch” I was having while replying is gone. I have no idea what was causing the “resend” message but it just began working correctly.

  6. I really appreciate your blog tips. I am planning a move to Panama in November and friends/family have asked me to blog. So I am currently learning the ropes to start one.

  7. Hello, We are planning to retire somewhere in or near Boquete. It is great to see that there are several means of communication (like this site/blog). Retirement is about 4 years away, but, we are making plans. We will be very new to the area. We currently live in a small Iowa town in the US.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

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    I can even download closed captioning for the movies I download. I use uTorrent to download movies into my computer for viewing anytime..

  9. Hello eveyone. I am a American seriously thinking of retiring in Panam in the next 4 years. My wife of 20 years is from Panama and we have land where we plan to build. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that I might find handy. We plan to live in the Cherrera Area. I also have a 8 yr old son, hw will be 12 by the time I retire, and I want a good school to send him too.

  10. My recommendation, as always, is to live (rent) in an area for a minimum of six months before you really consider moving on a permanent basis.

  11. Bonjour
    j’habite dans la ville de David je suis canadienne je parle peu anglais et je suis des cours pour parler espagnol merci pour touts vos renseignements
    permettez moi j’ai connu un Québecois qui a ouvert un très bon restaurant dans la ville de David el pecado sabor téléphone 730-1663Doleguita esquina de ave 4ta oeste y calle k norte entrado por via porras j’ai sont menu pour annoncer si vous le voulez
    merci de dire que Julie et Denis jeep du Québec qui vous a parlé
    bonne journée

  12. I’ve been in David Panama for a month. Would like to do some volunteering with animals. Any suggestions? I looked on the internet (which is how I came across this blog). Also, how are cruelty to animals reported. Too whom?

  13. There is a spey clinic that occurs periodically in David and around Chiriqui. There is an organization that searches for homes of mistreated animals and it is likely part of the Boquete organization.

    While there are laws related to animal abuse, it will not be easy to have them enforced.

  14. I am from Canada and have been in Boquete for 2 weeks. I have rented a home for one month and am looking for something smaller and less expensive. I would also like to find out where I can get daily contact lenses. I am told that I have to go to David. I would like to know where to get rib or rib eye cuts of beef. Any advice?

  15. You’re right, Don, first blog I’ve ever read(or responded to) Thanks for your insight and service with the US embassy . I’m looking into retirement in Panama. Karl

  16. Insurance Company is withholding payment of Claims, not cutting checks, and then saying the reason they have not cut a check is because there is a backlog. I was told that if I wanted to get paid, I had to raise hell with them and cause a stink. It is my intention to go to their David office and talk at the top of my voice to each and every customer that comes in explaining their business practices. I used to teach and I can project my voice for hours. I will make myself known in that office every time I go to David. Apparently, they only grease the squeeky wheel. I will get my check but I won’t stop there. I will put it out on the net that they simply don’t pay their claims until you go to an attorney to get them to pay. This is what I am going to do if I don’t get my check. Imagine if there was any fight about the responsibility or anything about the claim. I was hit July 9th. The young guy admitted responsibility and got a ticket. The insurance agent came right out to the accident. I selected a company to have the damage assessed. I took it there right away. And the only thing they seem to be good at is giving excuses. Surely there is an insurance commissioner in Panama who has some sway over these guys. I am told by my insurance company that they only pay if you go bother them daily, calling, writing, and causing problems for them. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO KEEP THE MONEY IN THE BANK FOR A FEW EXTRA MONTHS. MAYBE THEY NEVER PAY THEIR CLAIMS. I AM GOING TO USE THIS AND EVERY WEB SITE TO BROADCAST THEIR NAME AND LOCATION AND EXPLAIN WHAT THEY ARE DOING. WHO IS GOING TO WANT TO GO THERE?

  17. This is a problem in Panama . You have to wait for months. This is how insurance works here ! Panama is VERY SLOW & MOST SERVICES ARE JUST PLAIN BAD…. FACT.

    Once your here a year or two you’ll know what to expect ..

    The police are the same way .. criminals run free and there’s NO JUSTICE !!! It’s really not Paradise and it’s not cheap anymore either.

    I could tell you lots stories but it might effect your sleep, so remember it’s not the place for anyone who wants things done fast or correct .. FACT

    Be positive .. don’t give up .. but your not alone .. stay on them .. you’ll get it but it’s going to test your patience.

    They only thing they do fast here is drive .. or take your money ( learn the culture )

  18. I just got turned on to a popular board game ,Settlers of Catan, you can read about it at Wikipedia.
    Maybe a few people would be interested in playing. We could meet at a local watering hole. Something to do on a rainy day. I have the original starter and an extension version. Give me a shout.

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