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US retiree living in David, Chiriquí Panama. David, Chiriquí Warden for the US Embassy in Panama City.

I’m currently boycotting any company that sells items I can’t afford.

Thank You Richard

I have worked on one Embassy case for over two years. It is closed now only because of Richard Kongable and the hard work by the Embassy personnel.

The individual has returned to the US after two years of not finding the paradise he had hoped for and expected.

He started off obtaining a lawyer that took $1,500 to provide a pensionado card and then disappeared. He suffered a stroke and while living in a rented house had the house broken into and was beaten by the thieves.

While unable to take care of himself, his landlady basically threw him out in the street. Lucky for him, the neighbor across the street took him in and cared for him. Continue reading Thank You Richard

I have the Emergency Alert Warning sound set as the ringtone for when Lilliam, my wife, calls.

I have decided my great grandson is going to become a rapper. He goes –
No no no
No no no
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No no
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Be Of Good Cheer – But Be Careful

While going to the ARROCHA Pharmacy the other day, I noticed that ARROCHA has a Christmas tree up and also Halloween decorations out. That is a sign that the holiday season is upon us.

Perhaps it is a good time to remind everyone that this time of year brings an uptick in crime. Soon the Plaza Terronal parking lot will be full with people wanting to do their holiday shopping before the last minute and up to the last minute.

You should make a note that you need to be more observant and careful this time of year.

Here are some things to be aware of.

  • Large withdrawals of money in banks may be observed by someone in the bank who will notify an accomplice outside.
  • ATM withdrawals are also watched.
  • Be aware of who is watching as you enter your code in the ATM and cover the keypad area.
  • Do not count your cash as you walk away from the ATM.
  • You will be approached by people, this time of year, for money. It may be a person saying he is a policeman and needs money to travel to Panama City to see his mother who was just taken to the hospital. I have even had them show me their ID.
  • Be careful flashing an expensive cell phone of wearing expensive jewelry.
  • When you park in any parking lot, take care and lock the car as you stand by it. Thieves have a technique to be around the back doors so they can open them as you walk away prior to clicking the lock on your remote.
  • When you put packages in your car, make sure they are not visible, if you intend to continue shopping.
  • When returning home, pay attention in case a strange car is following you.

You may think these suggestions are not needed, however, each of the above suggestions would have stopped problems in previous holiday seasons.

This is not my favorite time of year. In December, you will see the entire Plaza Terronal parking areas full and cars parking along the street. I try to get out as little as possible in December.

I want to be something really scary for Halloween this year so I’m dressing up as a phone battery at 2%.

Thank Goodness For Julio

Almost three years ago I injured my back and was in tremendous pain. Robert Watson had contacted me a few months prior to let me know he was now in Panama and helping those with back and other physical problems.

He used a method called the Dorn technique. When my pain became so intense that I couldn’t stand it, I went to see him and he worked his magic. He was so good, that I haven’t had problems again until a couple weeks ago, when I lifted something I shouldn’t have lifted.

Robert began by doing a complete examination, checking leg length, hip placement, feeling various muscles to observe those under stress.

I would have returned to Robert, with my latest problem, but he died about a month after my session with him. He was a fantastic person and Panama lost a true healer.

Last Thursday, I had a good neighbor tell me about Julio Leiva. He practices at the Panama Red Cross and is a specialized physical therapist. He obtained his training in Barcelona Spain and is continuing his training there. Continue reading Thank Goodness For Julio

If you can’t remember my name, just say ‘donuts’. I’ll turn around and look.

When the chips are down, you can always count on me. I love chips.

Dr. Bullen will be in his David Office October 22

note:The date has changed
I received a call stating that Dr. Bullen will be in his David office this Saturday, October 22.

As you may remember, he is the doctor that helped Lilliam with her skin cancer need.

My original post, on Dr. Bullen’s office, can be found HERE.

Information on his dermatology practice can be found HERE.

Numbers to call for reservations are 223 9697, 215 2106, 213 1907.

David – 777 8076 direct , 774-0128 ext 2185
Mobil 6982 2188 (English)