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US retiree living in David, Chiriquí Panama. David, Chiriquí Warden for the US Embassy in Panama City.



Beelzebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

Really Time To Dump Google

In the past I have mentioned that I do not like Google as a company. I think they are a predator and I do not like their business practices.

I have moved away from Google search to using Bing. Google was tracking all of my searches. I have wanted to drop all my gmail accounts, but haven’t had the full motivation until this article came out yesterday.

Now that Google has officially made it clear that they are scanning all email, the motivation is here. I will make a conscious effort to change my email with all companies and websites I have registered it with.

I will most likely only leave the gmail address that I use for this blog and move all others. Since I have my email addresses listed with many credit cards and other sites, it will take time, but I am going to do it.

I use Apple products and will most likely move all my emails to the Apple iCloud address, However, if I wasn’t an Apple user, I would consider moving to any other provider (Yahoo, Microsoft, ,,,). It would be nice if all email was encrypted, but at the present, that isn’t easy.

You have no privacy with Google. Join the band wagon and dump Google. For me that means all products that use Google technology too. No cell phone that uses Android. No Amazon Fire that uses Android. No Blogger.

I wish Google had not bought Waze because I will continue to use it, but I will support no other Google product. To see all of the Google products, look HERE.

Google has become to electronics and technology as GMO has become to agriculture.

Goodbye Google.

Lunar Eclipse


I set my alarm to get up at 2AM and see the eclipse. It was a little overcast here, but I did see it in progress. I only had my iPhone and the photo is poor, but shows some of the moon.

Since what I read said that it would take an hour, I declared victory and went back to bed.

Message for U.S. Citizens: Embassy Closure for Holy Week & Cash Only at the Embassy.

Following is the latest announcement from the US Embassy.





 On Monday, April 21, 2014, the Consular Section will resume full operations with its regular schedule (please see http://panama.usembassy.gov).

Message for U.S. Citizens: Cash Only Services

Due to computer software upgrade problems, the Consular Section is not able to accept credit cards at the cashier window. We can only accept cash for services at this time. The problem should be resolved within two weeks.

Please be advised that there are ATM machines and a bank a few minutes from the Embassy at the Farmacia Arrocha shopping plaza. We apologize for this inconvenience.

A Video Worth Watching

If you live in Panama, learning how to not become a victim is very important. The Bella Vista Policia produced a video that illustrates some items you should be aware of. It is in Spanish, but I do not think you will have any problem understanding it.

The bottom line is you have to pay attention. Know if there are suspicious people around. Don’t walk away from your car without immediately locking it. Don’t open your car if a suspicious person is approaching. Lock your car immediately when inside.

Realize that these advisories are what are being recommended for Panama City, but with the growth of David, it makes sense here as well.