Note – the Coppermine photos from 2003 – 2007 have been removed. In the future I may post them in a different format. Since I no longer maintain Copermine, it is a possible source of entry by hackers.

The Photo Albums of Chiriquí Chatter are changing. I used Coppermine in the past as my photo management software. I am migrating to Jalbum. I wish I had found Jalbum first, but I can appreciate it more now that I have three years experience with Coppermine.

Following are the current active photo albums:

  1. 2003 – 2007 Coppermine albums. (Removed along with Coppermine)
  2. 2005 Lima Peru trip.
  3. 2008 Paradise Gardens – Boquete.
  4. 2008 Universidad Latina Thanksgiving Program.

24 thoughts on “Albums

  1. I tried Jalbum last spring, but I could not manage with it.
    When I uploaded photos, they did. what they wanted, not, what I wanted 🙂
    I hope, it is easy to you!
    I have put some photos to Aminus pages.

  2. Hey Don,
    Are any of the albums on Jalbum. Just signed up and I don’t know where to access Chririqui. Thanks. Also, it does look like David is growing. Good or bad?

  3. Hi Fred. I haven’t moved any of the Panama photos to Jalbum. They are currently still in Coppernine, and listed under number 1. above.

    The only photos I have put on JAlbum are my photos of Lima listed under 2 above.

    Yes David is growing. I haven’t noticed anything negative coming from the growth. It is accepting the growth better than Boquete, but it is larger and that may explain it.

  4. Hi, Don! We just looked at your Paradise Gardens Albumn and got such a kick out of the music that accompanies the pictures because my daughter (the 11yo painting the mural on PG’s wall) and I are from Hawaii! We hadn’t heard Israel Kamakawiwaole in awhile! Love your acknowledgement of the Saban’s paradise for these needy animals, and your photos are fun. It was also nice meeting you that day by the wall/mural! Will keep checking in with your site. You do a great job!

  5. Mi Mary Anne. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I enjoyed the visit to Paradise Gardens. Israel Kamakawiwaole’s musis is one of my favorites. His passing away was a real loss to Hawaii.

  6. Hi Don. Have you any, or do you know where I can find any pictures of Volcan? Same type of thing, shops, hotels, etc..

  7. Hi Paul, I don’t have many photos of Volcan. In the links section of the blog are other Panama personal and photo sites. Maybe some of them have what you are looking for.

  8. Hola yo pase ayer lunes a su restaurante con mi familia que vino de los extrangeros, unimos como 5 mesas y nos tomamos fotos con ustedes. me encanto ver a una de las que no sirvio, creeo que se llama juliza, por favor se los pido como puedo comunicarme con ella, si me pueden hacer el favor, a y todo estuvo exelente, los felicito, a que se comunique a mi e mail o 67026377 por favor

  9. Dear sir,
    My life partner (and love of my life) Roger Rademaker told me a lot of very interesting issues about Chiriqui and its inhabitants.
    He also had a large number of photographs of them and cared very much abouyt their well being.
    If you like, I can send you these pictures in due time.
    Unfornunately (and incredebly) Roger has passed away last July 2008.
    I, for one, shall never forget the impact he has had on my life.
    If only 0,01% of the world’s population would feel the way he did; the world would TRULY be a better place. He was very, very concerned with the wellbeing of ANYONE!
    Because English is not my mother tongue, perhaps I cannot express my feeling exactly, yet I wish eveyone the very, very best.
    Kind regards,
    Kitty Esmeijer

  10. Hi Kitty. Basically, all photos in this blog were taken by me. I appreciate your offer, but it would not make sense for my blog.

    Perhaps you would like to set up your own blog in remembrance of Rodger. I can help you do that and if you use the free version of WordPress, it will cost you nothing.

  11. Estimado Señor:
    Soy de Costa Rica, el día 10 de octubre 09 visitare, David y quiero quedarme en su hotel Castilla, quisiera saber si cuenta con sala de internet, para poderlo usar.

  12. Don RAY les hablo de chiriqui en volcan tierras altas hay un resaturante ubicado en nueva california en volcan………………. con una comida unica se lo recomiendo esta ubicado al lado del hotel don tavo en el mismo edificio…… gracias su umero de cel es 66717880

  13. hi don…
    above, you replied to kitty, ”Perhaps you would like to set up your own blog in remembrance of Rodger. I can help you do that and if you use the free version of WordPress, it will cost you nothing.”
    so you can put fotos on a free version of word press blog? if so, i’m curious why you moved your fotos to another site.

    is there a pay version of wordpress that gives you more options?
    norm : ))~

  14. Yes Norm. There is another version. It is also free but with much more capability, but it has to he on a hosted site. My site charges about $5 per month and you have to pay about $10 a year for the domain name.

  15. reading about panama,, this may sound wierd to you ,,but maybe you can share light and or send me to proper channels….question is…can a us citizen stay in panama for 6 months and marry another person.. who is from costa rica…while still married in the states..and can he live there permanent.. he has been there for a month…..he was born in panama came to the states ,,now a us citzen. if you can help thanks so much in advnce…

  16. My opinion is that being married to two people at the same time would be bigamy and would be subject to the laws in all affected countries.

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