I’m gonna have to get new pets, I’m running out of passwords.

Internet Security and Passwords

I am in Panama City for a couple days. Today and tomorrow, I will be meeting with the Embassy for Warden’s Appreciation meetings and training sessions. Luckily, this time I am in PC with a capable laptop and don’t feel cutoff from the Internet. Connecting to the Internet here has reminded me of a couple … Continue reading Internet Security and Passwords

Moving to Panama – Technology Cons

This is the second post on technology’s role for people moving to Panama. In this post I will focus on some of the dangers that technology poses for those that are new to using technology. Passwords Let’s start with the most obvious. The technology I am talking about requires the Internet to be useful. Connecting … Continue reading Moving to Panama – Technology Cons

I wonder if Koki, my dog, appreciates being at least slightly immortalized in my passwords.

Time for more Tech Rambling

I first came to Panama in 1993. I toured the canal and saw a lot of Panama City. At that time I said, “Boy am I glad I don’t live there”. Fast forward. In 2002, I came to decide if I wanted to live in Panama, after reading the benefits in many publications about how … Continue reading Time for more Tech Rambling