I am really sorry I let this blog become almost dormant. When I was in Panama, I had a large readership and the subject I want to write about is something that my previous readers should pass on to their children and grandchildren.

I have always been interested in technology and it is easy to allow one’s life to be overrun by technology advances. There has to be a balance between benefit and danger. Driverless cars are coming. We depend on GPS. Systems can be hacked. And then there is radiation.

A good friend that read my previous post on my granddaughter wrote to me and asked if I had watched Generation Zapped. I hadn’t, but I have now. It is on Amazon Prime. It is a must watch. Had I watched it before I bought my current house, I would have had it hard wired so that I didn’t need WiFi.

Here is the trailer for Generation Zapped.

After watching it I watched this presentation.
I encourage you to watch the movie and the presentation.

Technology is good, but it may be the death of us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Don. I have been studying this subject for several months since I found out about a long time friend in Nebraska is actually hypersensitive to EMFs and RF signals. I have a meter I bought on Amazon that shows you how strong some of these signals are. My friend’s real problems started last summer when the electric utility installed a “Smart Meter” at her rural residence. She could not be in the house for over 2 months until she finally got them to remove the meter. Now she has eliminated all wireless connections in her house and can actually get online without any negative effects to her heart rate etc. Here is a TED Talk by a Silicon Valley engineer that was adversely affected by a “Smart Meter” installation in his residence. Another very interesting and informative video.

  2. Hello Don! This is Cindy, a nurse in Cedar Park. I really enjoyed meeting you and learning some Spanish from your beautiful wife. Please post again when you are able. I look forward to reading more! Lots of love!

  3. To all good friends of Don Ray, his wife Lilliam informed me he passed away today 5/4/2020 in Texas after a long battle with abdominal problems. Rest in peace good friend.

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