Checking In

It has been a while since I posted anything. Retirement does not mean you have nothing to do. Lilliam and I are well and busy all waking hours of the day. She more than me.

I had the motivation to make a post today following my reading of my granddaughter lindsay’s blog post. My daughter, my grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were a prime motivation for Lilliam and me moving back to Texas.

I now have 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Of my 8 grandchildren, Lindsay had been given more than her share of challenges. Her first child, Nealon, was born prematurely and kept us all on the edge of our seats. Mason, Lindsay’s second son, has presented a second set of challenges, which her post provides a view of autism.

My reason for posting Lindsay’s blog is that she is an excellent writer and I felt her view of her experiences might help others in similar situations. I know my blog was always therapy for me and I am certain her’s will provide her therapy.

Check in on Lindsay’s blog and tell her her Grandpa sent you and he is very proud of her.

5 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Welcome back Don! its good to hear from you. I almost deleted the link to your blog. Glad I didn’t.

  2. There is a painful truism that you’ve reminded me of: The problem with retirement is that you don’t get weekends off.

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