Farewell George H.W. Bush

Today is the funeral of a great man and the 41st president of the United States. I was fortunate to get to dine with him at a dinner where he spoke.

I was working in Washinton D.C. on a contract for the army when he sent troops to Panama for Just Cause. I never mentioned this when I lived in Panama because many Panamanians protest that invasion and there was a large loss of life during the invasion. While Panama was better off without Noriega, it is a good time for U.S. citizens to stay off the street during its anniversary.

I also worked in Austin for a project for Governor (future President 43) George W, Bush. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo with him to remember that time.

George H.W. Bush will be buried in College Station, Texas at his Presidential Museum.  I hope to visit there in 2019.

RIP President Bush.


6 thoughts on “Farewell George H.W. Bush

  1. Voted for him every time I got the chance. Seems like a long time ago now. He and Barbara were a great couple to represent the USA.

  2. Don, if you’re on Facebook, there’s a group called “You know you lived in Panama if…” with this post:

    Don Stock
    December 3 at 2:24 PM

    Dear Fellow Military Friends,

    I am embarking in a new and very serious adventure and would like you to be part of it. In 2019, I will be compiling memoirs of those who were part of Operation Just Cause (Panama 1989-1991) as part of a book that I intend to publish. My goal is to show all the faces and phases of this military and social change for a country that I fell in love with before even stepping on its soil.
    Where were you for Operations Just Cause? I was asked this question over a hundred time by a very important person to me for the last 27 years. The question always tickled my memory and a different answer, more colorful and detailed came every time.
    If you want to be part of this adventure, please send me your memories, narration or compilation on “Where were you for Operation Just Cause?” to my email at don_stock@hotmail.com. On that email, state if you allow me to publish the text and your name and military information as you wish to be published.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I remember you from the earlier days after Omar introduced you to me and gave me your email address. Lots of water passed under the bridge since then but I am still married to the same lady I married in 1955. That in itself is almost unheard of these days in this country. I am now 84 and my wife is 82. When we were younger and saw people as old or older than we are we both thought about us getting older but didn’t dwell on it and now, suddenly, we are in that category ourselves.

  4. Patty and I met him the year he came to our town, Brookville, Ohio. We stood in front of him as he spoke and got to shake hands and talk about our town and things like that. He was one of the nicest men in politics that we ever met.

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