Container 22 on its way

In case you missed Tom McCormack’s comment on a previous post, He will be in David with container # 22, on September 17.

More medical help for the residents of Chiriqui.

For more info on previous container deliveries, search for Tom McCormack in the search area above.

Hi Don, Glad to see you two (3) are doing well. Shipping container # 22 17 of Sept.
800 new legs to date.Anxious to get back to David.

4 thoughts on “Container 22 on its way

  1. I’ll be back in David Oct 17.Back to fitting legs distributing contents of the container.4 months until Feb 15.

  2. Hola Tom,
    you are one of the items on my bucket list since Don Ray’s first post about container arrivals. We have never been in Panama in time to see/help with container unloading but we still plan on making it one day. God bless your efforts.
    jim and nena

  3. I want to mention one more thing. The very last thing Tom loads on the container is a couple of cases bottled water for the unloaders.

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