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Sending Stuff To The US And the Move

I have been meaning to post this for some time and I guess this is the time. When Lilliam and I started getting ready to move, I started looking for a way to ship items back to the US.

I should say that if you are moving to Panama, I recommend you leave furniture, cars and all large items wherever you are moving from. I moved a 40-foot container to Panama and 99% of the items are still in Panama.

Moving items from Panama is more difficult and much more costly. I checked with DHL, a shipper in Boquete and a shipper in Bocas. The shippers only sent pallets and the price was out of reason. Continue reading Sending Stuff To The US And the Move

Why Haven’t You Written Lately

I keep saying I need to touch base with the blog readers to see if anyone still checks in.

That thought seems to enter my mind and then dissipates almost as fast as it entered.

Sometimes I think that maybe I won’t get back to writing and I should take the blog down. Then I receive an email because the blog is still up and it renews my energy.

Here was the email today.

Hi Don,

Biill Warren here.

I knew Bo Kjaer Olsen way back in 1994 or so and he told me so many treasure stories and I shared mine with him. I cannot believe he was murdered aboard his lovely ship in Panama. This is a sad night for me. I have tried to find him for years. His printed flyer/brochure was super nice. Did he ever go back to the ” de Gouden Buys” and bring up those 24 chests of gold coins? He told me when he approached the diamond areas along Namibia and so africa he was shot at by deBeers diamond company security guards. Is his son alive and if so, is there a way for home to contact him? Or a wife or daugh-in-law? And, did the cops ever find the guys who killed Bo and shot his son? Zach and his wife must have had a good look at the bums.

Where is Bo’s ship which i believe Baron Hiltons son bought him. Did you know the Hilton family financed Bo for salvage?

I am a published author. Books about my adventures researching, searching and salvages treasures around the globe. I write you now at 2 am in Odessa, Ukraine on the black sea where i am singing my concerts and diving and writing.


Bill Warren

This was obviously related to the posts related to a shooting and Embassy case I had written about. Zech and I have remained friends since we met. I encouraged him to move back to the US and he has done that.

He still has medical problems because of the bullet that remains in his back. We communicate on a monthly basis.

At any rate, this was today’s reminder of why I have kept the blog up. I will post again but now isn’t the time.