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I am about to get my act together and most of my ToDo list has been worked off. I thought I would let everyone know that Lilliam, Koki and I are well and adjusting to being in Texas.

I have a few posts that I will be preparing in future days that I thought might be of interest.

First I thought I would discuss the Green Card process that Lilliam went through to allow us to move to the US. All in all, it took over 18 months. When I first started the Embassy said it should take 6-9 months.

Another topic I thought might be of interest was how we got some of our Panama items shipped to Texas. Getting things to Panama is much easier than taking them out. Then we also had to take care of all the paperwork to allow Koki to come with us.

Lastly, I thought I might go over our search for a place to live, adjustment to Texas weather, prices in general compared to Panama and maybe a few other items that may enter into my mind as I start writing.

I still have a lot of writing, I had done about living in Panama, in preparation for a book that I may get back into. After 15 years in Panama, experience moving there and moving back, and several years of Embassy cases, I do have enough for a book. I will see what motivates me.

It has been interesting having so much going on that I have had no time to blog. In Panama, I spent a lot of time blogging about life there and working on embassy cases to keep me busy.

In Texas, I am almost in overload with getting settled, finding a house and filling it with furniture and technology. The good thing is it is new and everything I have bought has been good quality. I am having a hard time keeping my finger off the “click to buy in Amazon” button.

When you can look on the Internet, see what you want and order it and get it in 2 days, it is almost addictive.

At any rate, I thought I would see if I still had any readers left and see if any of my thoughts produce any comments.

By the way, my taxes are done. It is amazing how much easier it is when all the documents get to you in a timely basis.

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  1. YES, you still have readers left. You didn’t mention how cold it’s been in Texas lately! Looking forward to your book.

  2. I am one who has missed your informative blog. Happy to know that you and your family are well and are settled in Texas. Did you move for family or conditions changing in Panama?

    Regards from Lake Havasu City, AZ

  3. Yes, I’m somewhat curious as to where in Texas as well. It’s a big state and all of my family is from there. At least for the last few generations. Those that left have moved back. Except for me. There are certainly many things I miss, but I do love the weather in Panama!

  4. Hi Don, Good to see up on the internet again. Look forward to your upcoming posts. Thanks for taking time to share your experiences with all of us. Best wishes in your new home.

  5. Hola Don – Surely do miss your blogs. What happened to all the “Stuff” you had on your Blog? If you still have it and would like to bequethe it to someone who will maintain it and update it, I would do so.
    Where about in Texas did you end up? How has Lilliam adjusted to life in Texas?
    Yes the click here is certainly adictive, especially since we found a forewarder that gets things from Miami to Chitre 3-4 days after they arrive in Miami.
    Buena Surte!

  6. You also?? We finally got Irma’s visa and left Volcan last April 12th for NE Texas. Irma, being Ngobe Indian, loves the life here on the ranch near the Oklahoma border NE of Paris Texas. She has already skinned a deer. We had to get a finance visa to get her here and it looks like it will be at least another year before she gets her green card. In the meantime, she can not leave the country. So no visits to her family any time soon. Otherwise, she is doing well and studying at UT on line. By the way, we were married on June 6th. We are both very happy.

  7. Excuse me. In my post, I spelled fiance wrong. My bad.

    The visa/green card system is broken. After our marriage we applied to adjust status and get the green card in July 2017. Last week we checked and they are just now processing applicants as of Dec 2016. So we will not be getting her green card anytime soon.
    She was grilled at the Embassy in Panama before receiving the visa, we both were. when we landed in Houston, she was grilled again, this time alone, for 45 minutes. We almost missed our connecting flight to Dallas. Pitiful.

  8. Don, I miss your blogs, read them daily over the years! We kinda got absorbed here at the same time, no traffic lights and 3 Panama’s for a buck.
    I have a house in SW Florida and Here in David.
    Why did you make the big change. My Panamian wife and I are dealing with the immigration bullshit, like your other bloggers.
    Hope to here from and will you and Lilliam the beat.

  9. I had NO idea that you had returned to TX (:. Having lived in Austin fir 30 years I do envey you. I think my home in CR will be sold this yea rand I am heading for Panama. Was SO hoping to meet you there and “pick your brain”.

  10. Officially, welcome back to you and welcome to the USA to Lilliam.

    Put me down for a copy of your book. You have the most complete Panama experience of anyone I know and I think you have enough material for a fiction and non-fiction category book. Perhaps someone in the family will collaborate with you?

    Now, where are those photos of your TexMex meals? You are not eating them too fast to snap a photo, are you? 🙂
    jim y nena

  11. Enjoy your new life in Texas! Panamá will miss you. Can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave me. Keep us posted!

  12. Hello Don,
    good to hear Lilliam and yourself settled down again in Texas.
    Unfortunately Panama has lost two precious members,
    we hope you will find some time to visit Chiriqui once in a while.

    Let us know your plans, there is always a guest room for you.


  13. Good to hear about Panama. question, I have an 18 year old Panama ID. It is the old style. I was afraid to try to get the new one, since I have a new apassport abd of course the number does not match the old Carbet. How to obtain a new ID., and is the old one still accepted? (I am in the states since Han 2017)
    Jacob (former resident of David 2001-2013)

  14. Don, we wish you, Lilliam and Koki the very best in your new home. You are really missed here in Panama. Thank you for all you have done over the years. Let us know if you write a book!

  15. Happy to see a post from you and to know all three of you are well! Looking forward to more! Kind of amazing that with your incredible commitment to being the David warden and the connections you must have made, it still took 18 months for the green card process!!!

  16. It was about time ;). I am happy you are back in USA. Unfortunately I will not be able to have pizza and a beer with you when going to Chiriqui to visit my family. God bless you and Lilliam.

  17. I remember talking with you out at PriceSmart Don in 2005-7 era. I was always with Jay a retired Air Force Col. who sadly is deceased. I left Panama in 2007 but kept up with everything thru Chiriqui Chatter. I wish you the best. Take care.

  18. Jacob, You might be able to get the new form id with the new passport on it I used the old form several years after my passport # had changed with no problem. Then I applied for the Panama E Cedula which no longer needed a change if the passport # changed.

  19. Hello Don Ray, Wow, what a great surprise to see you are posting again. We came to Panama around the same time as you did, and now we’re leaving around the same time too. We have no regrets, but we are very much looking forward to our next chapter. There sure have been a lot of changes in Panama, and more specifically Chiriqui, over the last 15 or so years. Can’t wait to read your book. All the best to you & Lilliam from both John & I, and as always thank you for sharing your experiences.

  20. Hi Don ,Glad to see you two (3) are doing well.Shipping container # 22 17 of Sept.
    800 new legs to date.Anxious to get back to David.

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