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Just When You Thought It was Safe to Go Into The Water

You should read the following article.

If you live in Panama and typically use WiFi at public places, you should be even more concerned. The fix will require a ROM fix for all WiFI routers and many public places in Panama will never update their routers.

All hardware vendors should be providing fixes soon. This is probably the most serious security hole that has been found to date.

If you have a home router providing Wifi, then you will need to watch your router manufacturer for a ROM update. Google should be providing a software fix for its OS soon.

For Sale – 2014 Suzuki SX4 (SALE PENDING)


I am selling my 2014 Suzuki SX4. It is mechanically and physically in great condition. As the photo shows, the mileage is less than 26,000 KL (16,000 Miles).

I purchased it in Panama City and it got 34 miles per gallon on the trip to David.

It has been maintained every 5,000 KL and the most recent was at 25,000. I replaced the spark plugs and all filters and had it completely checked over.

It is an automatic and sold new for $22,000. I am asking $11,500, but will be accepting offers. It will be available on November 1.

If you are interested or have questions, you can call me or WhatsApp me at 50766383372 or you can email me at