Business For Sale

A message from Bob Hatting

IT’S TIME TO DOWNSHIFT and reduce my active projects.

I’m offering my ozone related creativity (inventions) to someone younger who may have the resources to take my systems to the next level. I’m willing to train whomever and continue consulting with them for upward to a year. The investment is small in comparison to the normal business acquisition prices. Less than one-hundred-thousand dollars buys the intellectual property (my secrets), the on-hand inventory , training, sourcing and of course, consulting for a year.

The OLD TREE model 06 was developed five years ago. It has a proven track record and many satisfied customers. The 06 model is similar to the Brockman system which has been around 20 + years (both double stage+ that produce 06). The model 03 Breathing Apparatus was invented three years ago and is the only one of it’s kind. I just created a medical grade 12 volt system (I’m sure it’s also one-of-a-kind) It’s still in the prototype stage but it has proven to be equal to the model 06 system in 110V/220V; even in the direct injection protocol. The innards work perfect. Now I’m experimenting with cases, power sources, and multiple charging options.

Efficiencies-of-scale, proper marketing, and a sales team could create a multi-million dollar business within a short time frame.

If you know someone, feel free to send them to me. Write me for details;


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