Tom McCormack’s Container #19 arrives Tuesday (July 4)

I just got word from Tom McCormack that container #19 will arrive and start unloading at 7AM on Tuesday at the casa de jubalodos beside the jail in David. Turn left at the light to go to the casa de jubilados. Going right puts you at the jail.

Tom said if you wanted to play a roll in unloading the contents to be there at 7AM.

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2 thoughts on “Tom McCormack’s Container #19 arrives Tuesday (July 4)

  1. Thank you Don.
    With enough hands usually takes about 1 hour. Not everyone will be able to park inside the fence.

  2. Amazing job. Priceless what Tom McCormack is doing for this country. This are the news need to be spread out. Thanks for the posts Mr. Don

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