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I have decided to start wearing my glasses to bed. I think it may help me see my dreams more clearly.

Woke up early to go for a run and got as far as still laying here

Top Three Things Necessary For Work / Life Balance:
3. Balance
2. Work
1. A life

Time moving too slowly for you? Schedule something you don’t want to do and it’ll speed right up.

[alien wobbles out of spacecraft]
“Take me to your leader”
[30 minutes later]
Me: So, this is my wife…

Apple 2017 WWDC From Afar

I did tune into Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Development Conference) that aired on Monday. The most amazing thing for me was the size of the crowd in attendance. The announcements, not so much.

There were several announced updates of the Apple software. However, I saw nothing in the hardware area that would drag me into the store.

In many ways, it continued to convince me that Apple has no real strategic leader who can chart a winning direction for the company.

The hardware announcements amounted to processor advances. However, we are getting to the point where the average person doesn’t use 50% of the capability of the compute power they have. While the software advances were nice to see, I will get them on my current Apple MacBook Pro and iPad.

Apple did announce a new iMac Pro. What was not mentioned, was that this announcement really shows the abandonment of the Apple Mac Pro that Apple announced in 2013 to great fanfare, saying that Apple has not lost its ability to innovate. Now, just four years later without any upgrades, that device is being pushed to the side in favor of an all in one unit.

I bet the people that forked out $5,000 are a little peeved. The new iMac Pro comes in with similar pricing and obviously is aimed at professional users and I wonder how large that market is. Continue reading Apple 2017 WWDC From Afar

No man has ever won a game of ‘notice anything different about me?’

According to science the atoms in my body contain the energy of 30 hydrogen bombs, and yet not enough energy to get up early and go jogging.

My sports-obsessed ex-wife didn’t ask me for a divorce. She told me she was trading me for a player to be named later.

Lilliam: *breathy whisper* Do you want to take my shirt off?
Me: *breathy whisper* I’m not wearing your shirt