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This week’s Security Now Podcast had a couple items I thought might be of interest to those in Panama that might be making use of some of the items that were covered.

I am posting the Youtube video in case you want to watch the 2 hour and 5 minute broadcast.If you aren’t interested, I will write about the parts that caught my interest below the video.

The first part of the broadcast covered world government’s need to read messages that are currently encrypted by WhatsApp, iMessage and other such programs. World terrorism has pushed enough buttons such that government are writing legislation to require technology companies to allow these messages to be read.

It is not difficult to understand the need and yet it is not an easily solved problem to solve. I am not going to discuss the issues, but just some of the effects that said legislation will cause to happen.

One of the discussions on the program spoke to the fact that the governments are going to require valid identification tied to VPN users. I know a lot of people use VPN software to be able to watch out of country websites as though they were local.

I haven’t used VPN or similar software for several years and the reason many people purchase it will soon disappear. It will still be very useful for connecting to a company’s computer securely, but if you are not in the workforce, it will be of less use.

Along the same line, legislation is being written to force the removal of bad material from the Internet. How this will be defined will be of interest is to be defined, but you can assume terrorist related material would be included.

It is not a big stretch to see that the same legislation could be used to force the closure of sites with contraband movies, music, software, etc could also be closed. This would mean that the add-on sites used by KODI and other streaming software would disappear. Not KODI, just the add-ons.

Amazon has already stopped selling Android boxed preloaded with KODI and movie add ons. My bet is that pirated movie sites are on their way to extinction.

The copyright infringement advocates have been pushing for regulation. It might be time to buy more NetFlix stock.

In the past, if you had a computer, the only way to bet malware into it was via a floppy drive, USB stick or similar method. Now that everything is connected to the Internet, all devices have become potential problems.

The program brought up a problem with HP printers that have not had their embedded software updated. The right hack and enable the printer to take over your home network. It was recommended that everyone who has an HP printer to check for updates.

The program talked about common password lengths and the study had found that 8 characters was the most common. If you use an 8 character password, you will be the most at risk for attack and obviously less than 8 characters is even easier to break.

My daughter had a password problem last week and I convinced her to start using Lastpass to make sure all passwords were unique and hardened.

The broadcast listed a large number of routers that were using a common piece of software and needed to be updated.

It has come to the point that you cannot enjoy life without technology. However, if is also coming to the point where you have to pay attention to the technology you buy and use.

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