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If you haven’t tried to use your tv remote on your child, are you really a parent?

Technology Droppings

This week’s Security Now Podcast had a couple items I thought might be of interest to those in Panama that might be making use of some of the items that were covered.

I am posting the Youtube video in case you want to watch the 2 hour and 5 minute broadcast.If you aren’t interested, I will write about the parts that caught my interest below the video.

The first part of the broadcast covered world government’s need to read messages that are currently encrypted by WhatsApp, iMessage and other such programs. World terrorism has pushed enough buttons such that government are writing legislation to require technology companies to allow these messages to be read. Continue reading Technology Droppings

[falling down the stairs] WOW this is so much faster.

There are approximately 45 seconds between “I’ll make us an omelet” and “We’re having scrambled eggs.”

Yeah yeah yeah, it may be National Running Day, but it’s also National Chocolate Ice Cream Day for those of us who have our priorities straight.

I have decided to start wearing my glasses to bed. I think it may help me see my dreams more clearly.

Woke up early to go for a run and got as far as still laying here

Top Three Things Necessary For Work / Life Balance:
3. Balance
2. Work
1. A life

Time moving too slowly for you? Schedule something you don’t want to do and it’ll speed right up.