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People keep telling me to become a stand up comedian and I’m like “Ugh, standing.”

You know you’re old when you start telling people how much cheaper things used to be.

Lilliam: You always like to run things.
Me: Well, I’m a natural leader.
Lilliam: Sorry, typo. I meant “ruin things.”
Me: Ouch.

Proof of Life 2017

Today I received my POL form from Social Security. I do not know if my letter was sent from the US in May or June, but I have mine.

I thought I would pass on the process I am using to guarantee that it is registered properly., based on instructions received from the Embassy today.

I will fill out the form, sign it and send the form along with my passport via DHL to the Embassy in Panama City. It will be entered by Embassy staff on receipt. I will also include a prepaid DHL mailer for the Embassy to return my Passport.

The other option is to mail the form directly to the US and run the risk of having it lost and SS or other federal payments shut off.

In today’s mail, I received a 1099 that had inadvertently gone to Paraguay in February and made it to David on Monday. While the postal codes were correct , it got lost. I am amazed that it got here at all.

If you are a US Citizen that is a permanent resident of Panama (and is receiving federal benefit payments) and are not aware of POL requirements, my original post is HERE.

If you haven’t tried to use your tv remote on your child, are you really a parent?

Technology Droppings

This week’s Security Now Podcast had a couple items I thought might be of interest to those in Panama that might be making use of some of the items that were covered.

I am posting the Youtube video in case you want to watch the 2 hour and 5 minute broadcast.If you aren’t interested, I will write about the parts that caught my interest below the video.

The first part of the broadcast covered world government’s need to read messages that are currently encrypted by WhatsApp, iMessage and other such programs. World terrorism has pushed enough buttons such that government are writing legislation to require technology companies to allow these messages to be read. Continue reading Technology Droppings

[falling down the stairs] WOW this is so much faster.

There are approximately 45 seconds between “I’ll make us an omelet” and “We’re having scrambled eggs.”

Yeah yeah yeah, it may be National Running Day, but it’s also National Chocolate Ice Cream Day for those of us who have our priorities straight.