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With May coming to an end, it is probably a good time to remind all American Citizens, who receive US Government benefits, that the May and June mailings for Proof of Life are going out.

If you receive one of the US government pensions, and are a permanent resident of Panama, then you need to be watching for your letter, if the last two digits of your social security number end in 50-99.

Remember that a Panama mailing address cannot be one of the mail forwarding companies, such as MBE, Mailbox Express, etc. It has to be delivered to a Panama Post Office.

If you don’t receive your letter by October, then you will need to contact the FBU (Federal Benefits Unit) in the US Panama Embassy.

For the original post I did on Proof of Life, click HERE


14 thoughts on “POL Reminder

  1. On a related note, Don Ray, any news on the next embassy outreach?

    PS You can’t leave us….especially so as last year you purchased the 5 year plan for your magicjack, and it is much more valuable to you here in Panama.. ; )

  2. Thanks so much, Don Ray.

    re Step…I avoid all federal initiated programs possible…nothing to hide, but I believe prior pres RR put it best when he said, these are the most terrifying words one can hear…I am from the government and here to help

    Exponencially so now …Patriot Act, and where would you like to start?

    I called the embassy a week ago…and called, finally got an operator….transferred, and of course no idea of next date.

  3. If you reread my prior post, Don Ray, the operator answered my call and then transferred me….

    You provide a wonderful service, but tend to be a bit smarmy at times.

    You’re the only one who gets it, and as a former US naval officer may I enquire about your military service history during the Viet Nam era as you seem to be the perfect age.

    No need to answer, believe me I get that.

    Having moved my family to CR, and after living there for nearly 20 years (and loving every moment) I certainly understood that too, while some friends at the tennis club became entangled.

    CR has the most beautiful and clever women on the planet.

  4. During the Viet Nam War, I was working for McDonnell Aircraft Company on advanced design of Phantom F$-K, and J aircraft that was supporting the war. I also worked on several of the Gemini space projects as well as some projects for the F111. Fun times for a person graduating in the middle of a college semester.

    Smarmy! How interesting.

  5. As mentioned, DR, no need to answer that, as you seem to have been either a noncom, or more precisely a nogo.

  6. I was one that McDonnell requested not go and was doing things many that went could not do. I was working with a Top Secret clearance and never apologize for not being in the armed services.

  7. Nor do any of them, sir.

    smarmy: one with an attitude of superiority (third definition listed on google)

  8. Smarmy fits if one really is superior. And that certainly fits Don Ray’s service as warden.
    One sure way to create a smarmy individual is to pin officer’s rank on one. Saw a lot of that during the Vietnam era.

    The warden position is open; who will “serve” now?

  9. Don I thought I had to tell them (ss) every other year. Last year after 3 month and getting nowhere with the embassy I flew to the states and in less then 10 mins was back on pay roll. I have met you and your wife and you seem like nice people. But in Costa Rica I worked with vets helping widows who did not know there rights. I do not have a good taste of embassy. The US Air Force sends my check where every and they have yet to ask me for any papers.

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