What’s Up Cable Onda?

What is down is CO’s performance. Over the last week or so I have noticed unpredictable performance. It will be down in the 3 Mpbs range and the next day when I check, I may find it back at 20Mpbs.

Not loving it at 7:13PM.

Test at 8:09 PM.

Test at 8:48 PM.

Test at 9:15 PM –

Test at 9:45 PM –

Cable Onda is the premier provider if Internet in Panama. If you are moving here and planning on working on the Internet, don’t expect perfection. I am going to bed. Have a good night.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up Cable Onda?

  1. What are the available internet speed rates and at what cost? As well as how reliablei in BOQUETE?

  2. Joe – I am here until I am not here. Currently, I am here.

    Barry – I usually have 20 Mpbs down, however with the start of the rainy season, I have noticed an unstable performance pattern. I hope it is temporary.

    I can’t speak for Boquete. Many are lucky to have access to Cable Onda. Others have to depend on other less capable and more expensive options.

    Just took another test.


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