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Subway Changes

It has been a while since I have gone to Subway for breakfast, but today I thought it would be good for change.

When Lilliam is away, I get tired of my own cooking. Subway used to be a good place to go and have an omelet. I also need my morning coffee and was ready for one of the omelets and a strong coffee to get the day started off right.

When I went in and asked for an omelet, it appears that they were surprised. They searched for the hotplate and got it plugged in and took my order for what kind of omelet I wanted.

I moved to the cash register and ordered a coffee and was told they no longer have coffee. Ok, I decided I would just carry it home and make my own coffee.

I asked for the jubilado discount and was told they don’t provide discounts on omelets. Seems like a violation of the law to me, but no big deal. I never ask for discounts at mom and pop restaurants, but I always ask at US based franchises.

The last time I was there the price included the omelet and coffee for the price I paid for the omelet alone today.

The omelet was good, but not good enough to have to order and take home. Subway will move off my breakfast providers.

I wish I was as good at convincing myself to exercise as I am at convincing myself not to exercise.

Very rarely am I part of the problem. Usually, I’m the entire problem.

B&O H6 Headphones

Two years ago I purchased the Bang & Olufsen H6 headphones. That was partly because of a past love I have had with the B&O products. These are luxury headphones that immerses you in the true original sound of what was recorded.

The comfort of the headphones cannot be understood without wearing them. Unfortunately I have not used them enough to justify keeping them. When I bought them, I paid $399 + tax. I see that B&O have lowered their price to $299.

You can have these for $250. No bargaining on the price. If I don’t get what I am asking I will keep them. Pick them up before I change my mind.

For more information on the H6 headphones, here is a good writeup.

You get what is pictured below.

People that work at the bubble wrap factory must have a lot of self control.

If you’re having second thoughts, you’re 2 ahead of most people.

I’ve reached the age where looking in the mirror is like checking the news. I know there’ll be some new developments I won’t like.