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I can’t even start my car with the key as fast as they hot wire cars in the movies.

I’m not saying your perfume is too strong. I’m just saying the canary was alive before you got here.

Whenever Lilliam makes me salad for lunch all I wanna know is what I did wrong

The Ending of A Story and the Beginning of Another

I am excited and extremely happy. I must share some news that I just received. Some of you, that have followed Chiriqui Chatter for several years, may remember an Embassy case I had back in 2010.

I wrote a post about a young lady that had saved her husbands life. Several thieves had entered their boat, moored off Pedregal, and murdered the young lady’s husband’s father. When her husband went above deck, to see what was happening, he was shot and left for dead.

I have kept in touch with them through the years and had pushed them to move to the US because they had no future here.

I watched their young son get his US citizenship, and the last hurdle was for the wife to get her Green Card. Today was her interview at the US Embassy in Panama City. An hour ago they notified me that she was approved.

Zech, Sugey and little Bo have become like family to me. I couldn’t be happier for them, if they were my own kids.

They are probably still in shock, but greatly relieved. One part of their lives is ending and another is just beginning.


Lilliam and I will miss you, but we will stay in touch.

A large portion of my day consists of rushing frantically to places I don’t really want to go to.

The Music Lives On

For several months now i have been consumed by a project that I hope is in the home stretch.

Today I took a break. I mentioned in the previous post that the migration to Android and away from Apple has opened up some challenges.

It reminded me that I missed being able to use Apple TV to play all the music CDs that I have on my MacBook Pro. I used to use the Apple TV and it would play all my music across my house network through my stereo.

When I moved to Amazon Fire Devices, I lost that ability. The last post made me wonder what would happen to all my music. I decided to move it so it is accessible to all my Android devices including my Pixel phone and home network.

To do that, I created a desktop folder and named it Music. I then browsed my Apple laptop and found the folder where Apple stored all my CDs and drug the music files to the Music desktop folder.

I then created a folder, called Music, on my Android Drive. Android Drive is the equivalent of Apples’s iCloud storage.

Next I drug Desktop Music folder to the Android Drive.


Now I have all my music avail to all my Android devices.

The music lives on.

Once You Drink The Poison

Several years ago I left the Microsoft family and moved to Apple. It all began because I could not get my Windows PC to sync with my Windows phone ( a Samsung phone using a Windows OS) for contacts.

I moved to Apple iPhone, Apple MacBook, Apple iPad, etc. I drank all the Kool-Aid. The world was a happy place.

However, Apple has changed since the death of Steve Jobs. It has narrowed its focus with the MacBook pro and I consider the new MacBooks to be aimed at artists and away from the general use and the prices are more out of sight.

Recent Window’s Laptops have shown much more innovation. Continue reading Once You Drink The Poison

I think I have stopped stopped evolving. I’m less a part of the human race now and more of a a pert of the human crawl.

My Day So Far

Robert’s head nurse has sent Lilliam a photo that Robert’s TV was not working.

I prepared for the worst as I couldn’t remember if the connection was the power connection for the TV. I went to visit Robert with my two screwdrivers in case I had to take the whole TV in to repair the connection.

Luckily it was the power connection to the cable box that was broken. I guess the cleaning lady must have thought it was a rat and stomped on it because it is not easy to break the connector like it was broken. OK, bad joke.

I did tell the other the attendant on duty that they needed to take more care when cleaning the room not to break the electric connecter.

So I picked up the connector and headed for Cable Onda to get a new one. I expected the worst. The TV remotes go out all the time and they are $8 a pop.

The attendant at Cable Onda asked for the account number and I gave them Robert’s account number and she handed me a box with a new power block.

I asked if the new connector would be on the next bill. She said it was free. Will wonders never cease. Something free in this world.

I left happy.

I returned to Hogar Santa Catalina and connected the new power cord to the cable box. No light came on. I turned on the TV and there was no power. I then checked the wall plug and tried the fan. The fan didn’t turn on either.

The attendant on duty said there was no electricity in the room. I said maybe when the plug was broken it shorted the electricity and threw a breaker. I asked where the breaker box was and it was in the kitchen.

There appeared to be no thrown switch.

Then the attendant told me that they were changing out the power in the showers and several rooms didn’t have electricity. Had I know that in the first place, I would never have searched for the breakers.

Hopefully in a day or two the electrician will get electricity back in the rooms and Robert will once again have TV.

All in all I can’t complain. At least I didn’t have to remove the TV and take it in for service.

We’re all strangers here, some are just stranger than others.