The Ending of A Story and the Beginning of Another

I am excited and extremely happy. I must share some news that I just received. Some of you, that have followed Chiriqui Chatter for several years, may remember an Embassy case I had back in 2010.

I wrote a post about a young lady that had saved her husbands life. Several thieves had entered their boat, moored off Pedregal, and murdered the young lady’s husband’s father. When her husband went above deck, to see what was happening, he was shot and left for dead.

I have kept in touch with them through the years and had pushed them to move to the US because they had no future here.

I watched their young son get his US citizenship, and the last hurdle was for the wife to get her Green Card. Today was her interview at the US Embassy in Panama City. An hour ago they notified me that she was approved.

Zech, Sugey and little Bo have become like family to me. I couldn’t be happier for them, if they were my own kids.

They are probably still in shock, but greatly relieved. One part of their lives is ending and another is just beginning.


Lilliam and I will miss you, but we will stay in touch.

9 thoughts on “The Ending of A Story and the Beginning of Another

  1. Don, I am so happy to call you and Lilliam our friends. You two are so kind and caring. Those are awesome qualities.You have changed people’s lives.

  2. So happy for them. Sugey was in my class at the university where I worked. My best wishes and prayers for this family. Thank you, Don and Lilliam, for all your help.

  3. Did they ever caught the SOBs who did this? My guess is “no” and unlikely they will. Happy ending for the family, at least.

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