The Music Lives On

For several months now i have been consumed by a project that I hope is in the home stretch.

Today I took a break. I mentioned in the previous post that the migration to Android and away from Apple has opened up some challenges.

It reminded me that I missed being able to use Apple TV to play all the music CDs that I have on my MacBook Pro. I used to use the Apple TV and it would play all my music across my house network through my stereo.

When I moved to Amazon Fire Devices, I lost that ability. The last post made me wonder what would happen to all my music. I decided to move it so it is accessible to all my Android devices including my Pixel phone and home network.

To do that, I created a desktop folder and named it Music. I then browsed my Apple laptop and found the folder where Apple stored all my CDs and drug the music files to the Music desktop folder.

I then created a folder, called Music, on my Android Drive. Android Drive is the equivalent of Apples’s iCloud storage.

Next I drug Desktop Music folder to the Android Drive.


Now I have all my music avail to all my Android devices.

The music lives on.

2 thoughts on “The Music Lives On

  1. Are they ripped CDs in MP3 format? Or wave files of the original CDs? I too ripped all our CDs using MusicMatch about 15 yrs ago or so. Now I prefer JetAudio on my laptop. I put the JetAudio app in my Android phone. After taking my 128GB SD card out of my phone, put it in my laptop, I then drag and drop my favorite songs to it, and return it to my phone. Some are ripped using flac and JetAudio plays them just fine.

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