Once You Drink The Poison

Several years ago I left the Microsoft family and moved to Apple. It all began because I could not get my Windows PC to sync with my Windows phone ( a Samsung phone using a Windows OS) for contacts.

I moved to Apple iPhone, Apple MacBook, Apple iPad, etc. I drank all the Kool-Aid. The world was a happy place.

However, Apple has changed since the death of Steve Jobs. It has narrowed its focus with the MacBook pro and I consider the new MacBooks to be aimed at artists and away from the general use and the prices are more out of sight.

Recent Window’s Laptops have shown much more innovation.

In the meantime Google has continued to improve its Android platform. Android has moved into the most used operating system in the world.

My Google Pixel phones are the best phones I have ever used, including the iPhone 6 plus that I turned over to my daughter.

My next tablet will be Android based. I am also considering a ChromeBook as a tablet replacement. When my MacBook Pro bites the dust, I will relook at the new Windows Laptops.

I had basically no problem in moving from Windows to the Apple ecosystem. However, I see a much greater problem returning to the Windows environment.

I have to blame myself for this problem. I saw the problem up front, but allowed laziness to keep from being prepared for a return to Windows.

So you may wonder what the big deal is. If I can move easily to the Apple ecosystem, why is it hard to move back to the Window’s ecosystem.

Here is the problem. Windows files had become the world standard. Many applications can open and save a .doc (word documents) or a .xls (spreadsheet documents) file. Libre Office is a good example of a fully functional Window’s Office replacement.

However, I have not seen any conversion utilities or office products, that take in the Apple files and covert them to the Microsoft format.

Sure you can use your Apple product to export an Apple file to the Microsoft format, but what is you have no Apple products to open the file?

My hope is that I can use my iCloud account to open the file and that is current plan.

My concern is that Apple has an annoying habit of asking you to verify your identity by using a secondary Apple device to acknowledge that you are you. Once I have no more Apple devices, I hope there is a better solution than iCloud.

Drinking the poison is always easier than finding the antidote. Currently I have no problem because this MacBook Pro should last several more years, but it is time for me to prepare for the future and avoid needing an antidote.

15 thoughts on “Once You Drink The Poison

  1. I have pet peeves too, and then think…here I am living in CA the past 22 years…and I snap out of it.

  2. We didn’t quite get that far. When we moved to tablets, we started with a 7″ Samsung. It was great. So, we added a couple of 10″ Samsungs when the time came. Bad, bad mistake. They were boat anchors from the beginning with known battery problems that the company had no interest in fixing. So we got a couple of ipads, our first ever apple machines. After all the hype I expected great things, but they are much more of a closed system and very difficult to work with if you want to install certain programs for things like 3d printing. Our next machines will likely again be Android, although I am fooling with a linux laptop…

  3. You forgot to mention the only good Apple product, in my opinion, the APPLE TV 2 which can be jail-broken to accommodate KODI. I made up my mind in 1984 between the PC Junior or the Apple II when I saw that the Apple product could only be updated with Apple products while the PC Junior could have other vendors provide enhancements. COMPETITION.
    Just my two cents.

  4. I was using an old, low resources HP laptop in Texas. It originally had Win 8, but I “upgraded” to Win 10 when it was still free. In the beginning it was acceptably fast, but, as Win does, it kept getting slower and slower, until it became almost unusable. I wiped the HD and installed Xubuntu 16.04 and all of a sudden I had a fast computer again. Never again, Microsoft.

  5. Don, Just so you know…..that Apple multiple device situation can be TURNED OFF. If just created a major problem for me and my Apple TV which does NOT accept a code to be entered with password. I spent a couple hours at the Mac store in David during which we changed an Apple ID password to another password. After that a Skype call by them to a service center in Mexico got the help needed to eliminate the newly initiated double verification requirement. I thought I had DECLINED the offer to ‘upgrade’s the double deal…..BUT NO IT CAME ANYWAY!
    The problem with the Apple TV was the instructions were to enter the password followed by the code. THIS DID NOT WORK. The 6 digit # has a space between each 3 digits. I entered after the password all in one entry, then with a space between the password and code, and then with a pace between the 2 three digit sets. NOTHING WORKED! When the double verification was eliminated, like magic, the ID password worked fine. The the 50% or so Apps on the device which had gone missing……RETURNED to normal, and everything has been 100% since. 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, Mac, and Apple TV. AND no more dinging codes every time I turned around ON EVERY DEVICE!
    Sorry but I cannot go back to MS. Too much anguish, and several years of great Apple experiences since for me and entire family, kids and grandkids, who convinced me to my conversion. In Panama since 2012.
    Just thought I’d send along a source of help if needed. The Mac store solved my problems AND would not charge me anything, despite my several offers. Had a great previous experience there as well.

  6. There are tons of conversion methods from Mac to Microsoft. But I would suggest an open format like ODF (Libre office) And I would also suggest you reconsider a return to Microsoft. But Chromebooks are the bomb….

  7. I got rid of my Apple TVs. Amazon’s Fire devices were just too attractive and offered more flexibility than the Apple TV. I may not go bavck to MS. I will relook at Linux and Android Chromebook.

  8. Hi Don-

    Agree with you on the Chromebook. I’ve had an ASUS C300 since last summer (my grandson spilled a drink on the keyboard of an old HP that was a hand-me-down from my wife and that-was-that, as they say). Totally satisfied for what I do (surf INTERNET and e-mail). No fan and nor DVD player, but I can live with that. Never used the DVD player and the fan was a pain for extended use (had to shut the thing down several times). ALSO . . . , did I mention CHEAP? Wife got it for like $250.


  9. One clarification, I believe that’s the site I used. To be honest I forgot to bookmark it, that site looks like the one I used!

  10. …get an 11.6 format Thinkpad. Apple people generally make me ill and are to be ignored along with starbuxx coal tar in a cup. it’s all just vanity and in the end it doesn’t really matter.

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