My Day So Far

Robert’s head nurse has sent Lilliam a photo that Robert’s TV was not working.

I prepared for the worst as I couldn’t remember if the connection was the power connection for the TV. I went to visit Robert with my two screwdrivers in case I had to take the whole TV in to repair the connection.

Luckily it was the power connection to the cable box that was broken. I guess the cleaning lady must have thought it was a rat and stomped on it because it is not easy to break the connector like it was broken. OK, bad joke.

I did tell the other the attendant on duty that they needed to take more care when cleaning the room not to break the electric connecter.

So I picked up the connector and headed for Cable Onda to get a new one. I expected the worst. The TV remotes go out all the time and they are $8 a pop.

The attendant at Cable Onda asked for the account number and I gave them Robert’s account number and she handed me a box with a new power block.

I asked if the new connector would be on the next bill. She said it was free. Will wonders never cease. Something free in this world.

I left happy.

I returned to Hogar Santa Catalina and connected the new power cord to the cable box. No light came on. I turned on the TV and there was no power. I then checked the wall plug and tried the fan. The fan didn’t turn on either.

The attendant on duty said there was no electricity in the room. I said maybe when the plug was broken it shorted the electricity and threw a breaker. I asked where the breaker box was and it was in the kitchen.

There appeared to be no thrown switch.

Then the attendant told me that they were changing out the power in the showers and several rooms didn’t have electricity. Had I know that in the first place, I would never have searched for the breakers.

Hopefully in a day or two the electrician will get electricity back in the rooms and Robert will once again have TV.

All in all I can’t complain. At least I didn’t have to remove the TV and take it in for service.

8 thoughts on “My Day So Far

  1. I’ve run into this a number of times myself. Why don’t folks ever think to mention the whole story, until after you’ve already had to discover it for yourself?

  2. I have a good electrician whou would have done the job in one day. However, Hogar Catalina is responsible for their own repairs. To the tune of “You broke it, You fix it”.

  3. The modern world — My car remote died today. I had to insert the damned key into the door like I was some kind of animal or something…

  4. Fluctuations in the local power companies play down the fact (s) they have never made any advances in “Over current” protection IN Panama even to this day. It’s up to you to place proper equipment to protect you own equipment for the Panama power companies DO NOT WANT TO MAKE ANY INVESTMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY THAT WOULD HELP THE ACTUAL USERS……GOD FOBID THAT HAPPENS……GEOUS-LOUISE !!!!

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