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It has been a while since I have gone to Subway for breakfast, but today I thought it would be good for change.

When Lilliam is away, I get tired of my own cooking. Subway used to be a good place to go and have an omelet. I also need my morning coffee and was ready for one of the omelets and a strong coffee to get the day started off right.

When I went in and asked for an omelet, it appears that they were surprised. They searched for the hotplate and got it plugged in and took my order for what kind of omelet I wanted.

I moved to the cash register and ordered a coffee and was told they no longer have coffee. Ok, I decided I would just carry it home and make my own coffee.

I asked for the jubilado discount and was told they don’t provide discounts on omelets. Seems like a violation of the law to me, but no big deal. I never ask for discounts at mom and pop restaurants, but I always ask at US based franchises.

The last time I was there the price included the omelet and coffee for the price I paid for the omelet alone today.

The omelet was good, but not good enough to have to order and take home. Subway will move off my breakfast providers.

10 thoughts on “Subway Changes

  1. I am sitting here chuckling a bit and remembering several of my “Subway” stories. I too have asked for coffee and been told they do not have it. Since beverages are among the highest profitable item sold and we are living in coffee country – it seems strange not to offer it.

    Among my selection of WTF Subway stories was a visit to one several years ago in Panama City. On this particular afternoon visit, my Panamanian friend and I noticed several signs advertising a special sandwich combo. The signs were all in English and obviously part of the Subway US Franchise advertising. It clearly stated the special was only available on Wednesday, which was in fact the day we were visiting. As you can already guess, after ordering the special we were denied the reduced price as advertised. My Panamanian friend, who is highly bi-lingual, was more disturbed by this than I was at the time. The explanation he got was that they just put those signs up when they get them but they don’t have those specials.

    So, Subway is on my list of restaurants that I can expect consistently inconsistent and completely random results. Sort of like when they ask you what kind of bread and as you go thru the list, they don’t have any of the ones listed except one type – yet they ask you what you want.

  2. I am in complete agreement. I was a big fan of Subway in the US and was somewhat astonished at the way service is handled here in Panama. After building 100’s of their franchises in the US, I do know how strict they are with their franchisee’s. Subway in Panama is owned by Subway IP, Inc. in Milford, CT. Maybe if some of these complaints were directed to them things would change for the better. I generally hate fast food with the exception of Subway and miss being able to pick up a quick, good tasting, healty sandwich in David while I am doing my rounds.

  3. I wonder how much of it is just a general level of incompetence or an overall lack of customer service culture in Panama. Or, at least in the last example from twinwolf, if it was simply the customary Panamanian juego vivo (i.e: Put a sign out in English like a lure to bait expats and then when they come in..wham! Sorry, no actual deal). Anyway, both made for a good life from a been there experienced that perspective..

  4. Thinking back,, I don’t remember her putting the money in the cash register. It could be that the total amount went into her picket.

  5. The last time I went it was busy. All the tables were littered with trays left by customers. A girl was sweeping the floor. She took the broom to the store room. I thought she would then clean the tables. She didn’t. She brought out a mop and mopped.. Another time the cashier was on her cell talking away.

  6. The food quality, handling, storing, preparation, cleanliness of cook keeps me from eating out.

  7. Ti’s strange? how a Country change goes?! I just concluded the BEST Subway lunch sandwich + chips in Sun City ARIZONA. DELICIOUS, EFFICIENCY AND GREAT. Time to move back??

  8. Besides KFC (Nena’s niece loves their chicken), I have never done the franchise places in David or Panama City. My lesson was learned at a “Tropi Burger” in Venezuela in the ’80’s. I was with a couple of coworkers (no Spanish) so I was translating the menu to them.

    When I translated the guapo doble con queso, I suddenly noticed the brown/orange uniforms behind the counter. It was several minutes of laughing before I could continue. The place was a knockoff of Burger King and the closest they could get to Whopper was guapo! The food was also a knockoff and not even close to Burger King.

    The Ford I drove was also made under license in country. My first trip over the mountains to the beach almost killed us. That’s when I discovered the hand tightened spindle nuts on the front wheels.

  9. I’m not sure which parallel universe some of you people live in. I generally go in to David on Tuesdays to do my grocery shopping and I usually stop in at Subway for lunch. On Tuesday their special is the Italliano 6″ sub combo. It’s a straight $5 and that IS discounted from their regular price by almost $2. They have similar discounted specials EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

    And as far as Panamanian customer service is concerned it seems to be a self-perpetuating myth, at least in my experience. I have had nothing but GOOD experiences with Panamanians. Perhaps it would help you if you were able to talk to them in their language but that seems to be a big stretch for the gringos in Boquete who spend most of their times clicqued together so they can speak English all the time. Their plaint is: “What do you mean I have to go to David to get/do that? It’s so HOT down there, and everybody speaks SPANISH!!! It’s SO UNFAIR!!!”

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