Private Safe Deposit Box Company in David

I received the following email with a request to post. I am not personally familiar with the mentioned company.

Hi DR,

Maybe you can post this on CC as a warning to others?



I thought you might be interested in looking at Private Safe Deposit Box Company in David.

3 thoughts on “Private Safe Deposit Box Company in David

  1. Might be a good idea to leave valuables in the country of your origin with relatives a/o in a bank…in the states.

  2. TIP.
    ANY private storage company is a roll of the dice. And private residence strong boxes just means the bad guys will enter your casa and beat you until you open the box.

  3. I’m in Texas visiting with other Police Officers…we are laughing not at the victims but at the stupidity of the business owners. Here in Texas we have private vault companies but often the people who use these businesses are not the kind of people you want to steal from. I don’t think the owner could find a rock big enough to hide under if the owner or his /her employees took property belonging to lets say the ‘cartel” …lol

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