(Blood: type O pos) needed in Hospital Regional

I received a request to post the following

My wife Erika has a friend in Hospital Regional who needs type O pos blood. She has had several operations and recently they went in surgically to see what was wrong again and decided to leave her intestines outside of her body for observation. That’s my understanding of what Erika told me.
She has no children and her family lives in Puerto Armuelles. She basically is alone there in the hospital. We asked her if she wanted us to bring her anything and she said she needed type O pos. We asked her if she wanted us to visit and are awaiting her answer.
Her name is Deika Zulema Pimentel. She is 45 years old and single.
She said yes we could visit. She is very much alone in this world, so, If anyone out there feels like cheering someone up who needs it. I think it would do her worlds of good.
We have been talking with her by Facebook. When we visit her this afternoon we will get her cell number.
Thanks in advance Don,
Chris Smoot

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