A+ blood donation needed – Hospital Chiriqui

I received a request to post the following.

Mark Dunkan Wood
Hospital Chriqui
He is in need of A+ blood for surgery tonight. The donor must have been in Panama for over 6 months.
Call Jim or Renee

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5 thoughts on “A+ blood donation needed – Hospital Chiriqui

  1. I see this kind of requests all the time. The private hospitals in David do not have blood reserve? What happen in case of emergency?

  2. You are correct. The hospitals do not keep a blood bank. When blood is needed, you pray that someone donates. If they don’t then you have a serious problem.

  3. Panamanians have large extended families. They are the blood bank for any family members in the hospital. Expats or tourists have no such resource and the restrictions for donors makes the situation even more serious for those needing blood.

  4. Sometimes in dire emergencies, a few of the strict rules for blood donation are waived (age, time out of country). Talk to Boquete Hospice if you qualify for all but those two things.

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