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I had mentioned in the past that Dra. Ines Chang had been recruiting ophthalmologists to office in Metro Optica. I just received a review from a Chiriqui Chatter reader who has recently visited one who is moving his practice to David.

Following is a guest post of the reader’s experience.

We now have an eye specialist full time in David. Dr. Andres Osigian moved to David from Panama City officially in December and set up his office with Dra. Ines Chang at Metro Optics.

I have developed glaucoma and now have cataracts. Dr. Osigian was very thorough, answers questions and is very careful in making sure you understand the medication. I now am using four kinds of drops, all must be applied at different times and spaced out over the day. He made sure I understood how to make this all work. He also showed me the most efficient way to get the drops in my eyes and not down my face, an excellent way to save on refilling prescriptions.

The doctor is still settling in and must move his equipment from Panama City and make arrangements to use hospital facilities. My next appointment is in May when we will make arrangements for surgery for the cataracts. I will report in to Don Ray after that to relate that experience.

I know Ines has worked very hard to get a specialist to David and she is very pleased to have Dr. Osigian with her. He speaks excellent English, as does the rest of the staff there. Having any kind of health problem is unsettling. Being able to go for help where you feel comfortable and confident makes it easier to deal with. Not having to travel to Panama City makes it even better.

Metro Optica is across the street from Super Star Computer in the following map.

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  1. An adequate glaucoma examination compares visual field tests from prior exams with the current one, to see if the glaucoma is killing retinal cells. It is NOT sufficient to just monitor eye pressure because you can have normal pressure and still have glaucoma and increasing damage from glaucoma.

    What needs to be monitored is whether the damage is getting worse. If it is, it is proof that whatever treatment you use (like drops) is not working well enough so the regimen needs to be approved.

    I hope the new doctor will bring the necessary equipment from Panama City to detect the retinal damage. The machine I have been tested on shines a pinpoint of light in different places and the patient indicates when s/he can see the light. This allows the construction of a map of the retina, showing where the light was or was not detected.

    By any chance do you have the visual field test during your exam? Or has anyone had this test in David? If so, what Doctor and where?

  2. I have nothing but the highest praise for Ines. She stands behind her product without questions. Personal experience.

  3. My late husband developed glaucoma after having cataract surgery. The doctor said there was no connection, but several of our friends and relatives developed glaucoma after cataract surgery. After diagnosis, he was first given drops to put in his eyes to reduce the pressure. When that didn’t do anything, he was given a second drop. It did a minimal reduction, but it wasn’t enough. These drops were quite expensive. The doctor then prescribed a third drop. I told my husband ,”Enough is enough.” I have studied alternative medicine for many years. Dr. Richard Schultz in Ca. had a practice until the Feds made his life so miserable, he gave it up. He now has a Pharmaceutical company. Most of his products are natural. I ordered his eye drops and when we went back to the doctor, he was amazed. He said, “I’ve never seen this med work so well. I told him I had thrown all his meds in the garbage and my husband was taking an alternative medication. He didn’t know what to say. The pressure was 51 and 48 when he was first examined . The Doctor’s ‘drops’ had reduced it about 5 points. When he checked the pressure, after the alternative meds, it was 13 and 11. Eventually we used the drops less often than before, as it became completely normal. You are your own best advocate. There are times when eye surgery or other treatment is needed, but whenever possible try to use the medicinal plants and other things that God gave us to combat our problems.Needless to say if I were to suffer trauma, I would want to be taken to ER, but many times the body can heal itself. I’m happy to know that there is an Opthalmologist in the area. There is definitely a need for one or more.

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