FICADEN Group @ Chiriqui Storage Flea Market (January 15)

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January 15th @ Chiriqui Storage Flea Market
The FICADEN Group will be at the flea Market and available to talk with individuals about supporting the Ngabe Nation whose Capital is in Llano Tugri.It is a beautiful drive up there with breath taking views along the way. The drive is about an hour up the road once you enter San Felix. Good asphalt road with a few pot holes. Mr. Armando Dixon one of the FICADEN Board members will be there sharing his life story…..adopted by an American family and later returning to teach his people (Ngabe’s). Recently was sent by the Panamanian Government to China for a month. He is currently studying for his Masters Degree.
I am having at Tables 5&6 there with a lot of DIY stuff; different coax cables, wires, battery powered drills,CB radio, turn of the century digital camera with 3.5 floppy drive, hedge trimmer, Scotts Lawn Spreader and about 600′ of low resistance coax cable suitable for Ham Radio. and other stuff!.  All the proceeds from the sale items go to FICADEN and the outreach in Llano Tugri. Our ministry, is sponsoring the work at Llano Tugri. Currently we have initiated an after school Feeding Program and support the after school Learning Program ,whereby we were able to get a large supply of teaching materials when we made the trip up there on December 18th.
Our web site is:   ( There are so many ministries similar in name_ use this specific site)
Facebook:Our Trip December 18th

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